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12-03-2008, 10:11 AM
Okay folks first off let me just say that if you are a caw maker like me and you want to give your caw the very best abilites as so that they have that extra edge against people you play online or what have you then you'll love this.

Getting the resiliency attribute requires some time so do not attempt this if you can't spare this and most importantly you need patience. Now that that is out the way here is some key notes to make for getting this. Keep in mind i just got this attribute so this is 100% accurate

***Make sure your caw's attributes are in the mid to late 70's ( A must for durabilty,strength,speed ). by default your stamina and tech should be a bit higher than the rest, charisma and hardcore doesn't really matter. In my case I had a caw with an overall of 83, the stats were as followed:

Durability: 79
Strength: 71

I am not suggesting to follow these stats exactly,this is just giving you an idea of where my caw attributes were and i got the resililiency ability.

***You want to make sure you face a wrestler that has a lower overall than you and is weaker in strength & durability.

***When you start a match make sure that DQ,KO,Submission,Ring Count is off. Entrance is optional but to save on more time I reccomend turning it off.

***Make sure that when the match starts you allow the CPU controlled opponent to beat you up but watch their meter. Watch the CPU's meter build till its close to getting a smackdown finisher,you want to intercept the CPU before its meter is full. As you're attacking focus on building your meter and save a signature move and don't waste it,then continue attacking the CPU until your meter is almost full again then let the CPU attack you again. When the CPU is close to getting a finisher,start attacking them again and doing your finishers but not signature moves as you should always have a signature stored. You're basically setting the CPU to attack you and get whatever 2 body parts in red. Once the CPU gets 2 of your body parts in red get back on defense and start attacking them till your meter is full then stop attacking them. If they are on the ground be sure to pick them up as your full white flashing meter will expire shortly. Let the CPU attack you and they should try to set you up for a pin. When they do pin you,mash down on 2 buttons, this combined with your full white flashing meter will automatically help you kick out of the pin. I was able to kick out 3-4 times back to back doing this. If you need any more help with this please let me know. Hope this info helps some of you out and hey you heard it here first from me so please give credit where it's due, thanks!

12-03-2008, 09:00 PM
Good method, thanks for the post, can I post a link of this thread in my CAS guide please?

12-05-2008, 02:18 PM
yeah sure go ahead, no problem at all