View Full Version : Stomach upset, other smaller ones

12-05-2008, 06:05 AM
For Stomach Upset, your going to need at least one other person in my experience. Pick Louis and Francis if you do so. Zoey is the most accurate NPC so.. she's good at hitting bummers and Bill seems to be one of the more smarter guys and he carries a shotgun. Anyway, your going to have to sit down and offer some time to this achievement (may take many restarts, but however, you don't get the achievement if you restart the campaign. You have to return to lobby.)

Anyway, the level I beat it on was Blood Harvest. Took me around 2 hours to actually get the achievement on easy (only one go after I figured out you couldn't restart.) Anyway, your most important option is turning on your captions through the options menu. Rush through the levels quickly enough on easy and.. when you hear the distinct sound of a Boomer (turn off your music to hear it better) just stop where you are. Most of the times your npcs will randomly find it and shoot it for you but.. be aware that if you shoot it too close and it explodes, that counts.

Stay up as well. Find trains and other parches so that you can stay out of the line of vomit. If you can get past the first 4 levels with no vomit, the last level is piss easy. Why? Because, most people figure you have to stay at the house on this level. There is ammunition in the barn across from the house, usually cocktails, and even better.. boomers can only enter one way. By climbing up a ladder. Make sure every playable character huddles and the corner and shoots down the zombies and stays out the line of the exploding boomers (usually 2-4 come). After I got the achievement, I started to notice how easy it was to avoid boomers. If you don't get rushed, they usually give you at least 2-4 secs to push them, retreat, and then shoot.

I've done all achievements with ease. Instead of making a thread full of the tips I used to complete them, I'll just take questions.