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12-06-2008, 08:59 PM
i am sorry if anyone hates this guide it is my first one i got this game at lanch and i am suprised there is no guide yet so i am going to try to make one well here goes

12-06-2008, 09:01 PM
story related achivments

-HIGH ROLLER-complete all story missions in las paraidiso

-A-LISTER-complete all story missions in sunnywood

-ZEN MASTER-complete all story missions in sheng long

-BIG FROMAGE-complete all story missions in beleville

-FURON COMMANDER-complete all story missions in the 4 rings of furon

-BIOLGIST-harvest 100000 brains - i got this in the first level when you kill a human the brain pops out just stand near it and absorb it

-BIOCHEMIST-harvest 1000000 brains

-BRAIN SURGERY-harvest 10000000 brains

-SACRAD SON OF ARCDOODLE-activate all landing zones just press y to talk to the blue staute then do some remedal task to unlock it

-DESTROY ALL HUMANS-kill 1,979 humans preety well story related

-POX APPRENTICE-complete half of all the oddjobs

-THE EMPORERS AGENT-complete all the odd jobs the yellows icons on the map

-APACOLYPSE RIGHT NOW-complete everything all story missions,oddjobs,challanges,unlock all landing zones

-SLEEPING WITH THE FISHS-kill 15 las paridiso ganstas

-THQ 1138-kill 15 lunarian thugs in sunnywood

-FIST OF FURON-kill 15 ninjas in shenglong

-THE FRANCEDYNE CONNECTION-kill 15 francedyne gurads

-RED SCARE-kill 25 red nexyoinic warrios on the 4 circle of furon level

-MASSIVE DAMMAGE-destroy 500 cars -pretty much story related mis game you develop the power the freeze time and throw things wait till then and you can freeze time throw like 15 cars in the air and then unfrezze you wont get any notirity and you destroy cars

PARADISO PURSUER-Find all the Furon Crash Test Dummies in Las Paradiso

SUNNYWOOD SEEKER-Find all the Furon Emperor Statues in Sunnywood

SHEN LO LONG-find all the radar icon

BELEVILLE BENIFISARY-Find all the Furon Nails in Belleville.

FURON FACTFINDER-find all the collectable

FIST MASTER-use temporal fist 75 times -in the first mission of sheng long you learn temporal fist

CARNIE-beat the furon librain high score in all arcarde games

SHOCK TROOPERS-shock 100 humans with the zap o matic

PROCTOLIGST-anal probed 100 human its a gun you unlock

HORDECULTRIST-feed 100 human to the venus fly trap just use pk to pick up human hover above them and let go

FURBON DRIBBLER-kill 100 humans with the bounceball gun

FURON IN THE SKY-liquify 100 buildings with the deathray -in the ship just shoot the red laser beams

FLY SWATTER- destroy 100 airborne with cluster missels its yellow missels


PRO PAIN-in las paridiso theses a land point near a gas station in the suberban area just shoot the big red tank with you zapomatic

THE WOOD- in sunnywood there a big sign like in hollywood just use the space craft death beam to blast of SUNNY

GLOBECLOTTER-use pk to pick up the globe and kill 3 humans

DONUT HOLED-shoot a human throw the donut hole sign its easy

DEFENITLY NOT IN KANSAS-use the tornadotron to throw all the shipping crates around easliy done in story

MONKISH BOWLING-just pick up the big brown ball on the second flight of stairs fly in the air and look behing the big rocks i went to the top of the monestry then fly in the middle and looked toward the landing zone then kina area scanned

BARGE BOOMER-destroy all three barges in france just get in you ship and use destro ray theres two that hang out in the brides and one turned side ways the other direction

ARCH DE UHUMP-just go to the big ass archway that france is famous for just fly around till you see it the pk a human fly up as high as you can and pk throw them over the top of the arch

CRYPTO SUTRA-when you stand under the ship press a button to meditate on skills if the options not there then you dont have it yet you need to fill 4 slots

path of the mind-cortex scan i mean mind read them

path of the body-body snatch many diffrent people

path of the space-just use pk throw pick up shit with your mind then hit Y to throw it

path of time-in shang long you unlock time stop then you pk throw like before its called temporal fist

12-07-2008, 01:20 AM
Everyone cut the crap immediately!


^^^Please use the link above as a tool to help you when writing Achievement Guides.

Legend Has It 1
12-09-2008, 11:18 PM
your "GUIDE" needs a lot of work dude, I in no way can find your guide useful.

Rotary Blaze
12-09-2008, 11:26 PM
The XBOX Dashboard is a better guide than this...

Why do people feel they have to rush achievement guides? As if there is some glory in being the first to make a guide.

12-10-2008, 02:17 PM
Not a great effort, there is actually a guide posted earlier than this that is a far better effort. Not sure why you state there were none?