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Casper iuno
12-08-2008, 09:36 PM
Doing the challenge is the easy part.
Finding them is another challenge.
Getting upgrades to your Jetpack helps for the On foot Time Trials.
Also, some of these require advancing through the game.

The List is finished! =]
Los Paradiso
1. Near the Landing Zone right next to the Space Dust Casino.
- Saucer Checkpoint Race
2. On the south-side of Space Dust Casino. Pox should be on the ground next to some palm trees.
- Checkpoint Race
3. By Neros Palazzo, on the north side. Scope around that area and you'll find Pox.
- Anal Probing Wager, Probe as many humans as you can (High Score 20)
1. Across the street by the Bank Landing Zone. Pox will be at the bottom of stairs.
- Checkpoint Race
2. Near another Landing Zone, at the bottom of a fairly big set of stairs. Pox will be in the corner if the building. Real easy to find, just land there and you should have no trouble finding him.
- Saucer Checkpoint Race

Shen Long
1. At the bottom of the big stairs from the Monastery. Next to the Landing Zone.
- Cause property damage, Cause as much destruction possible within the time limit. The Saucer can be used.
2. Against a building, right by a Landing Zone. North Side.
- Abduction Destruction, Abduct as many humans possible (High Score 50)
3. Across the street from the Landing Zone by one of the factories. Pox will be across the street from the big ship, he'll be in between 5 of those large tanks.
-Checkpoint Race
4. There is a Monk between the two Monastery buildings. You should be able to point him out with the red arrow above his head.
- You need to locate the Time Bombs and Remove the time bombs. PK throw them into the sea.

1. This one will be right next to the Landing Zone on the West Side of Belleville.
- Destruction
2. A Landing Zone will be in the middle of a big field (Middle Area), there is a fountain across the field. Head there, to the east side (Left) Pox will be there.
- Checkpoint Race

Fourth Ring of Furon
1-6. The Arcade Games that Librarian has the high scores on. Doing his mission and beating two will lead you to the other 4 that are indeed challenges. Finishing these are pleasantly easy.
Also: Doing these will get you the Carnie 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.jpg Achievement
- Huminko: This is fairly easy to do: Simply PK a human that spawns, throw it anywhere on the wall and watch as it falls into the scores. (Note: The Human may get stuck on one of the sticks, just wait it out, soon it'll just count as +100 or nothing.)
-Pinball: Ah, the casual arcade game, this is easy to do, you get points for every stick the human hits, just keep it out of the black hole and it'll be done in no time.
- The Gallery: This one is pretty tricky, you need to PK a spawned human and throw them at the bottles. Ofcourse, the ones at the back give more points.
- Ionica: This one annoyed me, not because it was hard (It isn't), but because it was boring me. It's easy to do, you get unlimited Ion Detonators to hit the ball into scores, the higher it goes, the more the score. You don't need to worry about the time limit, it can go by fast, but if you need to, an added mulitplier and extra time rings spawn in the middle.
- Human Darts: You don't really need to move around and worry about the time limit, just PK humans and go for the 500 throw. 75% of the time they'll hit it. But if you are unsure, go on and go for everything else.
- Kickman: This one might take a few tries, You need to get 10000 points, and you only get, what like, 5 humans? To get it, aim for the green ring at the bottom and hope it bounces into place and hits any of the numbers.

7. This one is on a large piece of Rock located East of the Landing Zone of "Funky Town village" (Earth Area)
- Checkpoint Race

Finished the list.

Darth Jafo
12-08-2008, 10:08 PM
It would help if possible to post what the pre-req is to get them to show up. For example...i just learned that apparently you need the tornadotron to get the third challenge in Paradisio to pop up.

Casper iuno
12-08-2008, 10:15 PM
It would help if possible to post what the pre-req is to get them to show up. For example...i just learned that apparently you need the tornadotron to get the third challenge in Paradisio to pop up.

That's an Odd Job, not a challenge.
But I like the idea.

12-09-2008, 05:52 PM
Also be warned they can glitch on you. I was stuck on the second challenge in SW for 4 hours. I looked everywhere for it (including the spot where it was a 100 times) and Pox wasn't there. I turned it on the next day and bang he was there. I didn't progress the story or do anything special.