View Full Version : Wizard castle troubles

12-11-2008, 02:42 PM
for anyone who is having trouble getting through the wizards castle level
Ive found the easiest way by far to do it is to bring the animal orb troll with you, troll will slowly heal you so as long as theres no enemies around you can always return to full health, this take a VERY LONG TIME though so if your going to do this watch TV or talk to a friend while you wait for him to heal you, by doing this I was able to get the the third boss (flying necro guy) without using any potions and I was level 27, though you will at a low level need potions for him and maybe 2 for final boss, ( 1 or none if your higher level ) also the normal minions are impervious to magic so it can be a bit tricky for magic heavy characters. hope this helps :woop: