View Full Version : Idea - Acheivement boosting & Online game matches.

12-12-2008, 08:03 AM
Going through both the Search and tarekegypt (http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/member.php?u=7166)'s thread, I haven't found anything like this. I do believe it is original. It does, however have a bit of complexity to it. So I will split it up into a basic and expanded description to minimize time and possible difficulty if this was implemented.

Basically, every game listed on x360a is indexed into a category. Retail and XBLA. From there it is categorized again; Action, adventure, RPG, FPS etc.
The point of this is that people who are looking to boost games, will only have to tick a box listed next to the game, which is listed under what I have just described.

As an example. I am willing to boost Gears of War 2. So in the menu (or whatever), I select Retail -> Action and click GOW2. I can either then select if I am offering or need help, or if I am just available for online matches.

Every game that I am willing or need to boost/play will be listed in my Profile for other members who are visiting to see.

As well as this, when I click on the game that is listed in the menu. It will display every member on x360a who has also ticked this game and an option to send them a PM.

This will hopefully make boosting, playing co-op or general social games so much easier with your fellow x360a members.

Finally, as an added on option. When you select the game you are interested in, you may also add a brief description of what you are offering/need.

From what I have found, the forums provide a quick solution to boosters in need of achievements ASAP. Often most members cant offer help a week after they have posted in the forums.
My idea makes it simple and easy to add and remove games from a list you are either offering or need help in. As well as an easy indexed service of other x360a members who are just like you.

Comments and critique are welcome, as well as any other questions you may have.