View Full Version : Need help add me as a friend..

drunken feedle
12-14-2008, 01:45 AM
I can show you through co-op some of the easiest ways to beat everyone...
got all 200 acheivements and ill help you if you need anything.
this game is rather difficult getting a few acheivements but you need to understand the game...
first off its like street fighter 2... if you jump over someone the direction of your character and the move reverses... ie f+k will be b+k when you reverse direction.. so if your doing feet or fist acheivement it switches..
theres ub, u, uf, b, f, db, d, df + kick or punch.. meaning 8 attacks for each punch and kick.
the best way to do each move is hold the button for the attack then press the analog the way you want or the d pad... rapidly pressing up or f etc will do the move over again. Kinda like guitar hero holding down the buttons then strumming rather then pressing both at once.
buchu is the man who youll nail most of the acheivements on... practise and patients.
if you can beat blues then your chances of getting the invincible acheivement is possible. it took me 3 hours of straight playing to get this.
each boss has a weakness to your moves and has patterns. learn them
read my other post here somewhere for their patterns or add me