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Dark Ronin
12-16-2008, 07:10 PM
I noticed quite a few threads about the Great People, and several had the Techs necessary to unlock them. Here is that info in one thread, for your perusal:

Obtained from www. achieve 360 points.com (seriously, you block this URL?)

Great Scientists
Albert Einstein - Atomic Theory
Enrico Fermi - Nuclear Power
Otto Lilienthal - Flight
Marie Curie - Metallurgy
Pythagoras - Mathematics
Alexander Graham Bell - Corporation
Archimedes - Engineering
Guglielmo Marconi - Electronics
Confucius - Literacy
Solomon - Code of Laws
Thomas Edison - Electricity

Great Builders
Cheops - Masonry
James Watt - Steam Power
Imhotep - Ceremonial Burial
George Stephenson - Steel
Gilgamesh - Horseback Riding
Nebuchadnezzar - Construction
Leonardo da Vinci - Invention

Great Humanitarians
Albert Schweitzer - Globalisation
Eli Whitney - Mass Production
Thomas Becket - Feudalism
Florence Nightingale - Gunpowder
Johannes Gutenberg - Printing Press
Lao Tzu - Irrigation
Frederick Douglass - Railroad

Great Artists / Thinkers
Leopold Stokowski - Superconductor
Aesop - Writing
Sophocles - Democracy
Charles Babbage - Networking
Aristotle - University
Fyoder Dostoevsky - Industrialisation
Plato - Pottery
Karl Marx - Communism
Homer - Alphabet
JS Bach - Religion

Great Explorers
Wilbur Wright - Advanced Flight
WR Hearst - Mass Media
Roald Amundsen - Combustion
Tippo Sultan - Space Flight
Henry Ford - Automobile
Marco Polo - Currency
Vasco da Gama - Navigation
Christopher Columbus - Banking
Sargon - Bronze Working

Great Leaders
Agamemnon - Iron Working
David - Monarchy

Good hunting!

David x360a
01-19-2009, 05:45 PM
Nice list, now I just need to get Flo Nightingale and Imhotep and I'm done :) Cheers!