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12-19-2008, 10:19 PM
Alright so this is one of those games that is going to fall in the category of spent way to much time on.

The first set of mission

Shoot the Rabbits and the foxes---took me about 2 hours since rabbits know how to survive 16 shotgun blasts to the face.

The stupid dog sled races how the hell does my sled keep getting damaged.

The second set of Missions

Actually fairly easy once you learn which fish needs which lure. although the fish are never in the area they are supposed to be.

The third set of Missions

Coyote/Fox/Lynx--only one fox and he can outrun you, when you finally get close a lynx attacks you from behind and kills you again took at least 15 tries and over 2 hours.

Again the fishing is a pain but once you learn it is easy to do.

Shooting a bear with a bow from 30 yards is a huge huge pain in the rear.

The final set of missions

Nothing like looking for 2 male grey wolves females are all over but no males who are no where to be found. (still not done)

Nothing like looking for Rainbow Trout who are nowhere to be found and sitting in water for 2-3 hours with no bites whatsoever. (still not done.)

The first contest is an enormous pain I keep getting to checkpoint 15 and dying which is at least 20 minutes a time and Ive done this at least 8 times, not so difficuly if the lynx and wolves arent around but extremely difficult when they are attacking, as they can survive a direct shot to the heart all day long.

Havent even gotten to the other missions yet, but this game is very frustrating and not even close to as fun as African Safari. I really dislike this game and would love to finish it soon hopefully another day or two, dont want to put any more hours into it.

So anyone with advice on where to find:
Rainbow trout.
2 Male Grey Wolves

How to survive the 1st challenge.

By the way I am only playing on SPortsman difficulty.

In addition the guide on this game is one of the worst on this site. Nothing like a guide that tells you to do exactly what the achievement tells you to do.

12-20-2008, 07:35 PM
I'm with you on the guides. Half the guides are just what the achievement says... I know damn well whom ever wrote the guide doesn't play half the games they write them for because some are totally wrong.

Trick to sledding: you don't need to go fast man. Tap the accel button 3 times then just hit x to slow down when you go over bumps. It automatically speeds the sled back up. I was tapping x like 3 seconds between slow down spots and when i was over the bump i was back to speed without hitting accel

as for the finding the male and female animals, your kinda on your own. look at the tracks, it will tell you what is what. the whole game i just got animals to attack me so when i killed them i didn't get a warning and if it was what i needed to kill, i got the kill

There is a trick to aiming on small animals, like the damn lynx that mauls you. i had the dot on the cross hair to the left slightly of what i wanted to shoot. the right line on the cross hair should be up slightly of the target and the center dot off to the left.

FISHING: dude, swim across the river to the tree that has fallen over and cast there. i got my fish in less than 2 minutes doing that. someone posted that elsewhere on this site and is a god for finding that