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12-20-2008, 12:05 PM
Anyone else had a problem with his save game?
I'm at 58% and I just deleted my other save games,when i load the last 1 i've got,my xbox freezes #%$#%#@^%%$.

12-20-2008, 01:11 PM
Anyone else had a problem with his save game?
I'm at 58% and I just deleted my other save games,when i load the last 1 i've got,my xbox freezes #%$#%#@^%%$.

Your probably screwed. I had one save file get corrupted, but I had others so while I lost about 20 minutes of work, I was not totally out of luck. I actually saved over the corrupted save file (after restarting with an older save), but it still did not work when I tried to load it. I ended up having to go to my hard drive via the dashboard and delete the save file completely. Always keep anywhere from 5 to 10 save files.

Ug the Mean
12-20-2008, 08:50 PM
You are not alone:





Taken from Wikipedia:

Technical Issues

Far Cry 2 has attracted negative feedback due to a number of faults contained in the game across all platforms, such as corrupt save files, freezes, and disappearing characters. A majority of players have reported that at certain points in the game, these issues become more pronounced thereby rendering the game unplayable. As of December 2008, Ubisoft have yet to address these issues.

This post best sums up the game....when it does work:

-Crappy A.I. (though they claimed it was going to be great) that seems to always know exactly where you are even after you buy the camo upgrade. a FPS version of Splinter Cell this is definitely not. or GTA. or even Just Cause.

-floating objects (one of the many glitches i've noticed along with enemies being embedded in terrain and still able to attack you)

-save corruption issue (or is it a game loading issue? dashboard doesn't recognize these so called corrupted save games as being corrupt)

-you have to shoot human targets without body armor (sometimes all they are wearing is shorts and a t-shirt) 50 or so times in the body to kill them. or once in the head. stupid i.m.o.

-i have high centered countless vehicles on little rocks and other small objects, rendering the vehicles unusable.

-sometimes when you go to unlock safehouses the people you need to kill that are supposed to be guarding them arent there so you cant unlock the safe house.

-the fricken rival militias live in the same town 1/4 mile from each other. and they don't seem to care that you're working both sides.

-everyone on the map wants you dead no matter how much a low profile you try to keep. they just automatically know who you are and that you need to die despite the fact that you work for both the militias. nonsensical.

-those guys you just killed at that guard post 5 minutes ago. yeah thats their corpses but they have apparently called in for backup cause the guard post is no longer cleared of any threat.

-i've seen a boat with a crew materialize in thin air and drop down into the water right in front of me. than drive after me to try to kill me.

-game is basically: 1)talk to someone. 2)drive across the huge map. 3) clear a base of enemies. 4)grab something or blow something up. 5)repeat.

-lame animations. for example, to fix a car you pull out the same socket wrench and wrench on a single bolt every time (though the location of the bolt sometimes varies). Or use your pocket knife to dig a bullet out of your palm and then jump back in the fight. or need health? just stab yourself with the miracle drug that they have all over africa. i truly believe Ubisoft montreal is a bunch of glue sniffers.

this game pretty much sucks ass. it has a lot of potential. very pretty terrain. awesome looking water and flora. great dynamic lighting effects. thats really all i can say about it that is positive. they must've been so proud of themselves for making such a pretty world to play in that they forgot to make it fun.

the multiplayer is like cod 4 or 5 minus everything that makes COD multiplayer awesome.

i wish i didnt buy this game. but i'm gonna finish it and walk away with at least 500 points so i feel like i got my 59.99 worth. or at least a portion of it.

Instead you should buy Gears of War 2, or Call of Duty: World at War, or Fable 2, or Fallout 3, or Dead Space, or Left 4 Dead, the list goes on. don't waste your money on this glitchy half assed piece of crap like i did.

12-21-2008, 06:28 AM
HOOAH,I couldn't say it better and yes Ubisoft are a bunch of gluesniffers and the stupid F*cks wanted to make a quick buck,just give me what i freaking pay for!!!

12-21-2008, 03:56 PM
Yep Ubisoft have really f**ked up this time, check out the official Ubi Help forums here:-


All people with the same problem, I can't even finish the game lol I tried twice played right through to the second area then switched off, came back on the next day and all 4 of my game saves were corrupt, I hope it gets fixed but at this rate I really doubt it, 40 down the shitter...

12-21-2008, 04:39 PM
Guys...I...I enjoy...this game. I ENJOY THIS GAME! THERE. I SAID IT. I ENJOY IT AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME! ALLAH HU ACKBAR!!! *explodes*

12-24-2008, 12:14 AM
Guys...I...I enjoy...this game. I ENJOY THIS GAME! THERE. I SAID IT. I ENJOY IT AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME! ALLAH HU ACKBAR!!! *explodes*

I have a magnum .44 and I blow your head clean of so make my day PUNK:uzi:
That will stop u gnagna

12-24-2008, 04:21 AM
Siiiiighhh.... my game was going very well.

No glitches or anything.

Until I got to 62%, game freeze.

No biggy, reloaded kept playing.

Finished collecting all jackal tapes in south and turned them in.... no achievement....

Reloaded and did another mission.... died during said mission..... tried to reload the save and it freezes during loading.