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Laser Lag
12-30-2008, 04:15 AM
I've noticed that game searches must have exact terms in order to produce results.
I think a system should be implemented that allows for acronyms, abbreviations, and misspellings to still trigger search results.

There is a Runescape help site called Zybez.net (yes I used to play RS) that has this feature. For example, when searching for the item 'Rune Platebody', one can simply type: rune plate, rune pl8, rune body, run pl8, or something along those lines and the search will know what they are looking for.

Now this isn't a huge deal but I'm sure it would be conveninent for people and make it quicker and easier find the game they are searching for.


Call of Duty: World At War ~ cod5, cod 5, cod waw, cod: waw, etc...
Grand Theft Auto IV ~ gta 4, grand theft auto 4
Halo 3 ~ H3

I don't know the procedures and hurdles that would have to be crossed to implement this but I think it would be beneficial.

12-30-2008, 01:40 PM
This would be done with a "related searches" script and/or plugin, and would require a lot of coding.

I have personally found it annoying when you type a part of a game in, and there are no results displayed, when you know there is an achievements list for that game on the site. This would be beneficial to the site, but it would take a lot of work from the admins and coders to make it work properly and display the correct results.