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01-05-2009, 09:26 PM
Tutorial I

Kill off the first Servant in your sight , to prevent your MasterGhost from possible destruction , Dash to the Enemy Masterghost and fend off the Servants and SLASH !

Tutorial II

Retrieve a couple servants that get auto summoned from your organ and dash to the enemy masterghost , Slash down a couple of the enemy servants then release your servants and SLASH !

Full-Throttle Time Attack

Just Dash to the end point and SLASH ! You can also get your Bananas Achievement in this stage

Survival I

1 of the 2 hardest Free Missions , You have to strike down 190 servants , Begin by hacking the common footsoliders to gain Tension , Once projectile enemies are released , Youll have to rely on Range attacks and items and possible hit and runs , Around the last 30 or 40 , a large group of soliders should release , Finish them off then youll hear the chime of victory at 190 , let yourself die and you SLASH !

Survival II

I bit easier at first than I , The enemies start off easy one hit kills , Just watch out , there attacks are still as deadly , Same tactics as Survival I , You have to reach 500 to SLASH !

Yesterdays Sun...

Just Retrieve your Servants and dash toward the Barrier , Let them destory the barrier and SLASH !

Aware , But unable to see

Just as you did on Campaign , you must destroy Valentines MasterGhost , Run forward and take the Neutral Ghost , run down to the right and once you make it to the end of the slope , reinforcements will appear , Run back and finish them quickly , run back to your masterghost and retrieve a couple servants , Run back to go straight for the masterghost and kill off any defending servants and Valentine , once her Masterghost is open , Release your servants and SLASH !

Budding Keyhole

Its not hard , Just go through the path infront of you , taking the first 2 Ghosts , The nest ghost after is the master ghost , wait for any servants to come , or retrieve and release them near Valentine , Kill off her Servants and her and SLASH!

Cynical Wise Man

Not so hard if you do this right , Retrive a couple servants , leave 1 spot in your item slots and run in thr left direction toward the enemy masterghost , Kill off any enemy servants you see and and take any ghost as well , Once your next to the Enemy MasterGhost run infront of it and grab the Scarecrow and kill off Dr.P , Throw out the scarecrow infront of his servants and release your servants and SLASH !


Dont worry about Dr.P , Just retrieve some servants and run straight for the enemy masterghost , Valentines alone this time so just release them out , Kick her butt and SLASH !

Even if i reached out

Just kill off all the enemies who appear , Youll have the Masters special ablities , Take advantage of any you can and soon youll have your SLASH !

Protect The Gate !

The first 2 waves approach infront of you and then one from the right and left , 2 again infront then all around , Summon any extra support with any special ablities , Healing items heal the gate too . Just keep slash all out and youll finish it soon

Lantern at Noon Day

Heres what i did , have 2 groups of servants follow you and the rest go down , Go up the slope and kill every servant in sight and taking any ghosts with you , Once you get the large barries your servants who followed you cant proceed , but the ones who went down will meet up with you for the last servants , Use alot of ranged attacks or risk close combat , Youll be guarenteed a SLASH after a couple hits

Vs Devil Sin

Use any special abilite given to you if it can hurt him , Sin is quite open after he uses Phatom Barrel , hes the same as you fought him in Campaign , use the same method you did then

Big Battle

You run through with Ky and his servants against many enemy servants , Keeping Ky alive shouldnt be hard , any healing items you obtain use with Ky's Servants to keep them all alive , and just assist them when theyre on the attack , once you have destoryed 6 checkpoints you SLASH !