View Full Version : Microphone question

01-08-2009, 06:43 PM
I have a RB mic, but can't do 2 at once for the band world tour stuff, would it be possible to use my wireless headset plugged into a controller to play.
I can't test it right now as i'm not home so don't have access.

01-08-2009, 07:04 PM
Sorry for my messy question, i meant could i use my wireless headset as a substitution for the Mic, and thanks for the answer, i will try when i get home

01-09-2009, 03:01 PM
I've never had a problem with the headset on normal vocals. There is a slight issue with OD activation so if you are trying to go for high score it's not good, but if you are just trying to get through BWT it should be fine.

01-10-2009, 03:57 PM
Thanks i tried earlier and it worked fine