View Full Version : SOLO Predator and Seek n' Secure Champion made EASY GUIDE

01-11-2009, 09:16 PM
Get Predator and Seek n' Secure Champion solo and unattended!
Its similar to the method for 'Steal the Sample'

Using the set height land edit function, make a large circular disc 10 notches above sea level, now decrease the radius by 1 notch, and lower the height by 9 notches. You should now be left with an land 'arena'.

Now place the generator right against the flatest wall, on top of the generator place ALL 3 seek n' secure points (you might have to edge them up the wall slightly). Then start placing the player spawns so they face into the corner of the generator and the wall.
NOTE:: Predator and alarm siren positions DO NOT matter!!

Now start your player game with these settings:
Auto launch --15 sec
Max players --2
Private slots --2
Stations to win --1 (if playing Seek n' Secure)
Station delay --NO (if playing Seek n' Secure)

Now just jam the left joystick into the foward position and these 2 ach are yours in an hour or two.

Hope this helps

01-14-2009, 03:25 PM
I'm going to try this after I finish the Steal the Sample matches. Looks good, thanks.