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01-15-2009, 06:50 PM
hey you guys i played the story 3 times of this game.
and still not worked out with the girls.
can someone make a guide:
how you have done your story and complete this achievements.
because now the girls don't like me. :ass

( sorry for my english )

#1 Eagles Fan
05-12-2009, 07:07 AM
Hey I read your post about wanting someone to come up with a guide for this achievement, to be honest I dont think its needed! When i read the achievement guide I misunderstood what it was saying, I thought that you would meet up with the girl right after the cutscene...... but that never happened. It happens a little later, like the next time you fight at the club. It turns out that every time you finish a fight at the club you get approached by one of the women. (It all depends on how many style points you have!) If this seems complicated and you still dont understand then I will make a mini guide for you beneath this paragraph.

1. Nina (1 style point required)
2. Liris (20,000)
3. Mayra (35,000) !!Personally I skipped this girl just by getting 50,000!!
4. Summer (50,000)
5. Christin (75,000) I accedently skipped her. You only need 4 girls.
6. Melyssa (100,000)

As long as you can get 4 girls at the same time the achievement pops. You DO NOT NEED to keep them happy!!!

Basically how this works is however many style points you have determines the girl you are going to meet.

Example: If you have 2 girls lets say Nina and Liris and you have more than 50,000 style points but less than 75,000 the girl you are going to meet is going to be Summer. You will completely skip over Mayra, no big deal she's a pain anyway!

Thats basically it, I hope this helps! If you have any other questions just message me on xbox live. GT: Franchise Jon