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01-16-2009, 03:12 AM
EDIT: Okay, so I guess posting in the forums somehow magically helps you because I just got it. Well, actually I eneded up finding this thread which is what helped me. If you only are missing Sargon I highly suggest you try the method dexcribed here:


"I don't know if there is any consistency in the appearance of Great People, but I got Sargon (my last GP) today playing the game of the week. I researched, Pottery, Ceremonial Burial, then Bronze Working. Sargon was about my 2nd or 3rd GP to appear. Just wanted to through this out there." -Seraph Metatron

Its what I did and it worked. I researched Pottery, Ceremonial Burial, and then Sargon's Bronze Working. Once the Bronze Working research was complete, I switched production from science to gold and bascially boosted culture from that point forward ala the Beta Centauri method. He appeared after about 6-7 great people. *sigh* First try on game of the week he shows up after 20 hours of other methods.

Original Post:

Look, I know there are already a lot of posts about players missing certain great people. So I want you to know that I really really didn't want to post this because I feel like a forum noob in doing so. But also know that I am exhausted by trying to find Sargon. This frustration is akin only to the "be quick or be dead - snipe 50 enemy drivers" achieve from Mercenaries 2 which was glitched for many people including myself (I sniped literally thousands of drivers). So I'm sorry for posting the sterotypical 'where's my great person?' thread, but I don't know where else to turn. I throw myself at your mercy, Please help.

Here's what I've done so far:

I've tried Mystic's method literally about a hundred times. I was only missing Henry Ford, Homer, Plato and Sargon. Using Mystic's method I unlocked Henry Ford right away, but Homer and Plato took a good couple of hours to show up. Since then I have seen those three as wells as all the other gp's countless times.

I've tried using both the Arabs and the Egyptians since the real Sargon lived in mesopotamia. I've tried using the Greeks and the English. I;ve tried the Golden Age mode, the money mode, standard mode. I've tried on all difficulties.

I've tried researching Bronze Working (Sargon's Tech) right away and then ceasing science production. I;ve tried doing pottery, then ceremonial burrial (to build a temple) then bronze working. I've tried pausing the study of bronze working while unlocking gp's. I've tried all of these methods countless and countless times. I've literally spent over 20 game hours trying for him over the past three days. No matter what, Sargon simply refuses to show up.

Here are some links to pages that I have used in my hunt for Sargon:






Please help!