View Full Version : "Gold Rush" does the difficult auto increase?!?!?

01-21-2009, 02:47 PM
Hi there everyone.

I've come across a strange occurance, hmmm I've got the WWE Champ and Heavyweight champ careers to go, I'm a male CAW. First match in Heavyweight Vs Jeff Hardy and it feels like the difficulty has cranked up to legend (I'm on easy..)? He reverses alot of the moves now and beat me pretty easy. So I'm sitting there scratching my head so next match I decide to defend my curiserweight title Vs Paul London and process to get my ass fed to me again. Has this happened to anyone else?

If it helps, I'm using the tables match as described in the Cheeve guide

01-21-2009, 08:09 PM
yeah WHC and WWE title paths, the difficulty increases ALOT!

They practically reverse everything, just keep doing table matches as its the easiest way to win. As soon as you get your meter up store the finisher/signature move.

Attempt to whip them into the table and press Y lol.

You will only have trouble in the specialty # 1 contendership match.

When you finally get Gold Rush, if you are going to attempt to get 5 hall of famers, avoid those top two title tiers at all costs lol

01-22-2009, 05:00 PM
The the game makes you work for those two titles. It actually seems a little harder then legend to me at least. I do find it odd that the ECW title suppose to be on the same level as the WWE and WHC yet it doesn't get the difficulty increase.

Cuz Diogo
01-22-2009, 10:20 PM
There is a simple way to play (even at harder difficulties) career when you go through any of the paths (WWE or WHC). For me it worked, so hopefully it will work for everyone who tries.

The main thing to go first (and the hardest) is to make your opponent fall to the ground. Once he falls the journey is easy. If you can't make the opponent fall to the ground just because he counters every move you make, try to run around him, and when he makes a move and fails you do this - LB pressed (for running) + grapple. Make sure that the grapple move you do can actually drop him to the ground.

While he's on the ground you just tap X (for beating) until he lifts up. When he's about to stand up you run to him (like i said earlier) and do a running grapple. He's down again. Repete the move (X until he stands up then running grapple) until you have momentum full. Then use finisher or signature.

If you do this without mistakes you can easily put him all red. After that you cover him and win.

It worked well for me, as i won every title it was to won, and defended most of my titles without taking much beating.

01-25-2009, 03:31 PM
Yeah i had this alot in WWE & World Heavyweight Divisions, i was destroying John cena for about 20 mins until i could finally get the 3 count.. he was full RED, bleeding & everything LoooL.. the best way i found to make your opponent bleed is take to the turnbuckle padding off the TB & grab them & pull across to the TB & keep smashing there head in Contiously LoooL.