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01-21-2009, 09:09 PM
First Draft - Comments / Corrections Welcome!

Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
Estimated time for 1000G: 60 hours.
Minimum playthroughs: 3
Missable achievements: Treasure Raider
Glitched achievements: Multiplayer Stats (random unlocks)
Offline: 470 Online: 530 (Total 1000)
Cheats disable achievements: Cheats can be used to unlock achievements.

Far Cry originally came out for the PC – and like most FPS PC ports, the game tends to be bit longer than a console specific shooter. The 60 hour’s I’ve mentioned above should probably be seen as a minimum, and this will be how long you need to spend actually playing – obviously you’re not going to get the 80 hours online achievement in that time – which I assume you’ll be boosting. The game has 3 difficulty settings and unfortunately you’ll have to do it once on each to unlock the full 1000G – doing the hardest difficulty will not unlock the easier difficulties. The game also has 2 stories as the main game is the “Instincts” story but there is also the expansion story – “Evolution”

Note : When the game was originally released, the Evolutions story was only unlocked by completing the main Instincts story – this has since been the subject of a patch so that both stories are available from the beginning – if you tend to play offline, then getting the update is strongly recommended before you begin.

Note : I found that many of the online stats are glitched – but glitched in a good way – Online headshots unlocked for me after only 150, and 100 roadkills unlocked after only 25! Unfortunately the most time consuming of all these boostable achievements isn’t glitched – 1000 kills counts correctly. It is possible of course that this has also been fixed with a patch.

OK, so now we have an overview of what’s involved, here’s what you should do get the 1000G as quickly as possible (If you can call 60 hours quick!). All stats are specific to either multiplayer or single player – if you’ve read through the achievement list you’ll notice separate awards for headshots online and offline.

Part 1 – Single Player.

You’ll find that the game keeps a different save game for each difficulty setting – as Instincts & Evolutions have 3 difficulty settings each – that’s 6 different save games (6mb each for the space conscious amongst you). The good news is that despite there being 6 different saves, all your stats are tracked in your profile so that you do not have to try and get your achievements in 1 save game – your 80 Feral punches can be split, 15 in each game save and it will still unlock. I’d recommend giving the 6 games easily identifiable names like Instincts Rookie or Evolution Predator. You can play all games side by side if you wish.

The only achievement that may cause any problems is “Treasure Raider” – and it’s a biggie – 100G. Most of the maps contain 5 phials – Dr Kreiger’s secret research – Imagine Austin Powers bottled Mojo, only it’s green instead of red. Don’t worry too much if you miss a phial, you can choose to replay any level again later on. If you collect a phial on any difficulty, it will count for all of them and no longer appear on the other saved games when you get to the same point. Some are hidden in some sneaky places so a guide is essential – I’d recommend this one :

http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox360/file/931339/42773 (http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox360/file/931339/42773).

You must collect all phials in both stories for the achievement.

I’d recommend playing the first playthrough on the normal “Hunter” setting and trying to get as many of the phials as possible, don’t worry too much about locating all of them at first – but print off the list and tick one off when you find it. Use the easier “Rookie” setting as a kind of mop-up for the phials – so you can easy get to where you need to be to find any you missed – there are very few instances where there are multiple routes through a level, the guide does highlight them so be aware. Tackle Predator difficulty last – by now you’ll have played the level twice already and should remember a lot of where the enemies will be waiting for you.

Please take note that all cheatcodes are CASE SENSITIVE!
Bloodlust – Unlimited Feral Attack
UnleashHell – Unlimited Ammo
Im JackCarver – Restore Health
Feral Attack – Unlocks Feral attack in early levels.
GiveMeTheMaps – Unlock all maps.

The last code is pretty useless really if you want the full 1K, you’ll have to play all the levels at some point so you might as well follow the story and enjoy it. I’d probably give FeralAttack a miss also until you unlock it naturally – you’re better off trying to take advantage of the easier early levels to build up your headshot count. The first three are very useful but note that you’ll have to input each one every time you start a new game session and “UnleashHell” again if you swap weapons. Note that there is no invincibility code, you can still get shot and lose health, so be ready to pause and enter the code to restore your health if you get ambushed. I’d say Bloodlust is the most useful – feral vision makes all the enemies glow orange, they stand out for miles, so just pull out your sniper rifle and let rip.

Headshots & Feral punch kills should come naturally through the game, you’ll use both a lot so I’m not going to cover boosting them. Stealth kills & Trap kills don’t get used too often but can be very useful. An easy place to boost both of these is in the training mission at the start. At one point you’ll exit a rusty boat into water and climb up some vines. After this your next objective is to get a stealth kill on an enemy as he watches a helicopter – once you’ve dispatched him, continue and your next objective will be to use a trap on the next enemy – do as instructed then use a trap to kill yourself (you will need 2 goes at it) and you’ll restart in the boat. It should take around an hour to get the number of kills you need for both achievements.

The game is very straight forward, you can’t really go wrong and get lost. Enemies do not respawn except in one area on a specific level (Marshes – just make a run for it - to the fence behind the camp fire)

Part 2 – Multiplayer.

All achievements must be done online – splitscreen does not count. All achievements except one can be done with one other gamertag. “Beserker” requires 3 people as you have to kill 2 people with 1 grenade so ask in the Achievement Trading thread.

All the gametype wins can be done by yourself – start a deathmatch (chaos) game and then quit out – you’ll be given the win. On the Seek & Secure, Steal the Sample & Predator games, you must complete one objective before quitting to be given credit for it – these take a little longer obviously, but all will count towards your 300 online wins and 80 hours online – and that’s 80 hours in game and not in the lobby – set the game to auto start and go to bed... a few times.

One thing which may help you achieve the kills quicker with a buddy is to create your own map to play – a small one like a desert island, just put a few trees on it, lots of weapons and you’ll minimise a lot of travelling around which is what takes all the time up when boosting for the online kills.

Quite an easy game, but time consuming – the cheatcodes are a great help but only really necessary on the hardest difficulty.

01-21-2009, 09:17 PM
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(poss better phial guide with pics)

Irish Dave
01-25-2009, 03:55 PM
I was able to get most of the online achievements by using a 2nd controller, just couldnt get that achievement where u kill 2 people at the same time 10 times.

Make your own map, put all the spawn points beside each other, you'll have them all within 2-3 hours.

03-15-2009, 02:53 AM
Just a quick confirmation to help the roadmap along, (Yes, it's about 2 months old, but the game still doesn't have an official roadmap...) you can do ALL of the online multiplayer achievements WITHOUT actually playing in matches. I'm using 1 controller, creating matches (Using Xbox Live as the type, not system link, splitscreen, etc.) and then starting them with only me in them.

For Chaos/Team Chaos, I set kills to win at Unlimited, 1 minute match time, and Warehouse as the map. I ran the time out and got each achievement.

For Predator and Steal the Sample, I used the same map, but made sure I sounded the alarm and returned the sample. Once I finished the objective, I got each achievement.

For Seek 'n' Secure, I set 1 base on Pirate Cove, set the time to 2 minutes and captured the base. (Once again, only myself in the match) After the objective was complete, I got the achievement and Multiplayer Master. Simple as that. :)

I just started them, so I haven't gotten Champions/uber/etc. But I'll update as I find out more.