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Var 18
01-24-2009, 05:03 PM
Hey, sorry for the bother but here is a quick problem for the admins to fix:

Whenever I send/ receive a PM, things like bold and quote do not work. They simply appears as (B) (/B) and (quote=sdkfj) (/quote). "Replace the parenthesis with brackets".

If it is needed, I use Firefox 3.0. I also have the newest Macafee. Also, this feature used to work for me a while ago, but stopped working oh, maybe a month ago.

01-24-2009, 05:25 PM
Yeah, I have the same problem and I'm also using Firefox 3.

Does it have anything to do with the fact that they were taken away because of phishing because I didn't notice it before the problem and when PM's were put back I started to notice that the coding didn't appear properly.

Would be nice if it was sorted but it's not really a big problem.

01-24-2009, 05:49 PM
I asked Webb, and he said that BBCode has been disabled in PMs to prevent more phishing.

Var 18
01-24-2009, 06:29 PM
How would not being able to quote stop phising?

Well, if that is the case, they should at least remove the Quoteing feature in the reply option, because it is now rendered useless.

01-24-2009, 06:30 PM
I asked Webb, and he said that BBCode has been disabled in PMs to prevent more phishing.

This will probably make me sound stupid but how does BBCode affect phishing?

EDIT* Beaten to it.

01-24-2009, 06:39 PM
When the phisher sent me a PM, he asked for a reply in a topic he "created" then he linked what looked like a thread. But if you hovered over it (or worse, clicked on it), it actually leads to a mock-up x360a website where it wanted me to log in so he could steal my account details. So by stripping the BBCode, you can't mask links to other places.

01-24-2009, 08:20 PM
ALL BBcode has been disabled, not just the "Quote" tags, this is to stop phishers from masking their URLs and catching out members who are unaware of the problem.

This has been stated before by several admins/mods too ;)