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01-30-2009, 02:15 AM
Are they ALL on that huge list?

Because I got the 240 achievement, carried on, got everyone on the list so they ALL say "GET".

No achievement.
I started a new with a few other people and saved to see if I missed a main character but still no achievement.

It's annoying because I don't know who's missing :(

01-30-2009, 03:37 AM
Ahui Nan
Bian Xi
Bo Zhang
Cai Mao
Cao Cao
Cao Hong
Cao Pi
Cao Ren
Cao Rui
Cao Xing
Cao Xiu
Cao Zhang
Cao Zhen
Chen Gong
Chen Lan
Chen Shi
Chen Wu
Chen Pu
Cheng Wu
Cheng Yu
Cheng Yuanzhi
Chunyu Qiong
Cui Liang

Da Qiao
Dai Ling
Dailai Dongzhu
Deng Ai
Deng Mao
Dian Wei
Diao Chan
Ding Feng
Dong Heng
Dong Tu Na
Dong Xi
Dong Zhou
Du Xi
Fa Zhen
Fan Chou
Fan Neng
Fei Guan
Fei Yao
Fei Yi
Feng Ji
Fu Shi Ren

Gan Ning
Gao Gan
Gao Lan
Gao Pei
Gao Sheng
Gao Shun
Gao Xiang
Gong Zhi
Gonsun Yue
Gongsun Zan
Guan Hai
Guan Ping
Guan Suo
Guan Xing
Guan Yu
Guo Daxian
Guo Huai
Guo Jia
Guo Si
Guo Tu
Han Dang
Han Hao
Han Sui
Han Xian
Han Xuan
Hao Zhao
He Yi
Hou Cheng
Hou Xuan
Hu Cher Er
Hua Xin
Hua Xiong
Huang Gai
Huang Shao
Huang Zhong
Huang Zu

Ji Ling
Jia Kui
Jia Xu
Jian Yong
Jiang Ji
Jiang Qin
Jian Wan
Jiang Wei
Jin Xuan
Jinhuan Sanjie
Ju Shou
King Duosi
King Mulu
Kuai Liang
Lei Tong
Leng Bao
Li Damu
Li Dian
Li Feng
Li Fu
Li Jue
Li Ru
Li Yan
Liang Xing
Liang Xu
Liao Hua
Ling Cao
Ling Tong
Liu Bei
Liu Biao
Liu Chan
Liu Feng
Liu Pi
Liu Qi
Liu Xun
Liu Xun
Liu Ye
Liu Yong
Liu Zhang
Lu Bu
Lu Gong
Lu Kai
Lu Meng
lu Su
Lu Xun

Ma Chao
Ma Dai
Ma Liang
Ma Su
Ma Teng
Ma Zhong
Ma Zun
Man Chong
Meng Da
Meng Huo
Meng You
Mi Fang
Mi Zhu
Niu Jin

Pan Zhang
Pang De
Pang Tong
Pei Yuan Shao
Quan Zong

Sha Moke
Shen Dan
Shen Pei
Sima Shi
Sima Yi
Sima Zhao
Song Xian
Su Fei
Sun Ce
Sun Jian
Sun Li
Sun Qian
Sun Quan
Sun Shang Xiang
Sun Shao
Taishi Ci
Tao Qian
Tian Feng

Wang Lang
Wang Ping
Wang Shuang
Wei Kang
Wei Yan
Wen Chou
Wen Pin
Wu Lan
Wu Tugu
Xiahou Ba
Xiahou Dun
Xiahou Mao
Xiahou Shang
Xiahou Yuan
Xiao Qiao
Xin Pi
Xing Cai
Xu Huang
Xu Rong
Xu Sheng
Xu Shu
Xu Zhu
Xue Li
Xun You
Xun Yu

Yan Baihu
Yan Gang
Yan Liang
Yan Pu
Yan Yan
Yan yu
Yan Zheng
Yang Feng
Yang Fu
Yang Qiu
Yang Ren
Yang Song
Yang Xiu
Yang Yi
Yin Shang
Young Kai
Yu Du
Yu Jin
Yuan Shang
Yaun Shao
Yuan Shu
Yuan Tan
Yuan Xi
Yuan Yin
Yue Jin
Yue Ying

Zang Ba
Zhang Bao
Zhang Bao
Zhang Fei
Zhang He
Zhang Hu
Zhang Jiao
Zhang Liang
Zhang Liao
Zhang Lu
Zhang Man Cheng
Zhang Ren
Zhang Song
Zhang Wei
Zhang Xiu
Zhang Yan
Zhang Yi
Zhang Ying
Zhang Zhao
Zhao Ang
Zhao Yun
Zhen Ji
Zhong Hui
Zhou Cang
Zhou Fang
Zhou Tai
Zhou Xin
Zhou Yu
Zhu Huan
Zhu Ling
Zhu Ran
Zhu Rong
Zhu Zhi
Zhuge Jin
Zhuge Liang
Zhuge Luo
Zuo Ci

got these from http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox...e/931415/42972 (http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox360/file/931415/42972)

01-30-2009, 01:03 PM
lmao nice one dude :)

Also just a quick question. After I compared them and found what I need, will they be in the Gathering Of Heroes for me to put in my 'team'?


Just saw this

start a new game on Gathering of Heroes mode. When you come to pick your officers, the ones you can pick are the ones you have - tick them off of your master list. The ones still unticked on your list are the ones you're looking for.

I'm gonna try it now.

03-03-2009, 10:45 AM
I also found this, it helped me get Cao Rui.

Some officers only appear if you have the right officer in your army and then at a certain year. (Always in Spring).

Yuan Shao> Yuan Xi (191 AD)
Yuan Shao> Yuan Tan (191 AD)
Yuan Shao> Yuan Shang (193 AD)
Cao Cao> Cao Pi (200 AD)
Guan Yu> Guan Ping (201 AD)
Sun Ce> Sun Shao (202 AD)
Liu Bei> Liu Feng (206 AD)
Sun Jian>Sun Shang Xiang (207 AD)
Ling Cao> Ling TOng (203 AD)
Sun Jian> Sun Quan (196 AD)
Sun Jian> Sun ce (189 AD)
Zhu Zhi> Zhu Ran
Cao Cao> Xiahou Shang
Cao Cao> Cao Zhen
Ma Liang> Ma Su
Liu Zhang> Liu Xun
Xiahou Yuan> Xiahou Ba (215 AD)
Xiahou Dun> Xiahou Mao (215 AD)
Cao Pi> Cao Rui (216 AD)
Cheng Yu> Cheng Wu (215 AD)
Cao Cao> Cao Zhang (215 AD)
Zhang Liao> Zhang Hu (209 AD)
Liu Bei> Liu Chan (216 AD)
Sima Yi> Sima Shi (217 AD)
Sima Yi> Sima Zhao (220 AD)
Sun Quan> Sun Shang Xiang (209 AD)
Zhang Fei> Zhang Bao (212 AD)
Guan Yu> Guan Xing (213 AD)
Guan Yu> Guan Suo (214 AD)
CaO Cao> Cao Ren (191 AD)
Ma Teng> Ma Chao (189 AD)

Officer on left is the one you need to get the officer on the right.

Captain Ashton
04-27-2009, 08:10 PM
Make sure you do the gathering of hero's scenario.
Don't use recruit or search. Use Hire Wide. This should give you a list of all the officers including those in other factions territories.
Check to see if the officer you haven't got is under the control of another faction. Thats what happened to me.

Blue Radium
08-28-2009, 05:08 PM
To max out this game, I started out by doing every achievement I could. I played every map, and every scenario. Every time, right before I dominated the map, I would leave 1 area left and make a truce with it. I would then dedicate about 20 turns to trying to "gettify" (spam hire wide) every officer I could. Once I had done that in every none Gathering of Heroes scenario, it only took me a single casual play through of Gathering of Heroes, with a few "gettify" sessions at the end to max out the game.

01-06-2010, 10:36 AM
I think i'm only missing Deng Ai, and he is not in the gathering of heroes.

01-06-2010, 06:26 PM
so the characters that you do not already have say GET next to their name?

01-07-2010, 06:57 PM
GET means you have them

01-07-2010, 07:19 PM
GET means you have them

Yeah the ones that have nothing next to the name are the ones you need.

01-08-2010, 02:41 AM
Yeah the ones that have nothing next to the name are the ones you need.

yep. i'm still missing one guy. Deng Ai. I did a checklist and he is the only one left. know were i can find him?

edit: nevermind, i replayed it later on and he just popped up randomly as a captured officer, and he was my 250th!