View Full Version : New Ideas for News

01-30-2009, 09:46 PM
This just a few ideas that might have already been talked about but I recently was searching online and saw that Yaris was delisted from xbox live arcade. I have also heard that other games are going to be delisted. I was just hoping that if other news came out about delisted games would this site be kind enough to let every one know with a news item where it is easily accessible. This delisting doesn't affect me becasue I got Yaris as soon as it came out but I'm sure some people didn't. I just would hate to lose the opportunity to get some achievement points.

Another thing, I recently saw that THQ was shutting down their servers on WWE vs. Smackdown 07. I'm sure there are others being shut down but I haven't checked yet. I recall when def jam icon's servers were going to be shut down there was some news about it so people could get the achievements. Again I'm not affected by this shutdown, but I think it would be nice to see what servers in the community of games are being shutdown once the news is out there.