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02-01-2009, 05:40 PM
While working my way through the hall of famers achivement i found myself playing some matches out of sheer boredom while working towards the hardcore title for table matches. While doing this i experimented with the ECW Extreme Rules match and found that this is infact quicker then the tables match method. If this method has been mentioned before then please discard the following information:

So this is what you do:

1. Start ECW Extreme Rules Match

2. Run outside ring and select ladders.

3. Go inside the ring and hit oppoent with ladders (make sure to do no more then 3 of each attack (standing/ground/running) or else you will lose momentum.

4. Perform at least one of each signature move (2 total) and one of each finisher in the match.


5. After doing 2 signature moves and 2 finishers (one of each type) use strong grapples to build up the momentum and do a third finisher. This will guarantee your 5 star every match due to extra technical points.

6. Pin and win.

The advantages over table matches:

1. The ECW Extreme Rules match can be used earlier then tables matches, so can be done to quickly get the tables match.

2. Matches can be won in under 2.5 minuets with ease as weapons give you extremely fast special meter.

3. Easy to get 5 stars in the lower belts. - If you use one of each signature and finisher you get the photo opp medal and it greatly increases the points for the match.

4. No need for swapping weapons - as the ladders never degrade and you only drop them no time is wasted running outside the ring for a new weapon.

5. If you 5 star 3 matches you can go on to the no1 contender and belt match much quicker.

6. In the harder matches such as the WWE championship using the ECW match is still extremely easy to win using the games mechanics as the only options are you hit the enemy with a weapon or they counter and take weapon off you. Using a running attack you can always hit the enemy and it can't be countered. You then simply re use the ladder to attack enemy meaning the annoying counter's are no longer a problem.

7. After performing the 2 signature's and finishers and using ladders I have in all my matches only ever had to use 1 pin for a win so no time wasted on multiple pins.

Other Notes

1. This method works for 5 stars 100% of the time so long as one of each signature and finisher are performed and then a further finisher after grapples. If you don't use the grapples and a final finisher the 5 star rating is around 95% in lower belts and 60% in the top belt.

2. You have to do ALL the signatures and the finishers of your wrestler.

3. Use table matches for belt matches and title defenses because they are generally quicker to just go for the win when stars dont matter.

Having test this on 3 runs of the i can now confirm this method does work for 5 stars every time and winable matches in a short period/

I apologise for any grammatical error's and would appreciate any feedback as to this method and mini guide, and sorry that there's a little to much written down. =/

02-01-2009, 10:20 PM
I've pretty much been using this method as well. Nice to see someone actually put it in writing on here.

I didn't see any grammatical errors/spelling mistakes. It's well laid out and easy to read, nice job!

The hall of famers is the last achievement I need and I'm currently on my 3rd run through of career. It's so boring!

02-02-2009, 03:48 AM
I did it the good ol fashioned way, and KICKED arse till the end..

I iMaTrix I
02-06-2009, 03:58 AM
Yeah, same here..
Although i was doing a Career with Randy Orton & found out a garunteed 5-Star Rating plan
All you have to do is to build up enough momentum to perfrom all 4 "special moves". Preferably by doing grapples rather than just using a weapon as this will all go towards the "Technical" aspect of the match from which the rating is based.

Finisher 1 (Y on it's own)
Finsher 2 (Y + Directional)
Both Signature Moves

Hope this helps, well anyone :)