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le b3nz0r
02-03-2009, 09:12 AM
I know this probably doesn't warrant a brand new thread, but I hit my character limit on the Guide thread so bear with me. This is not going to be a rehash of the guide, but rather a suggestion of the order you should be getting the achievements to save time. Without further ado:


This is going to most likely be the last achievement you unlock, and therefore should be mentioned first and foremost. Throughout your experience with Domino Master, every game you play, you should be attempting to finish games with double tiles. More details can be found in the achievement description, but this is certainly one of those achievements that can be chipped away at any time in any gametype.

First Win
Beat the Masters
Guru Beater
All 5's Winner (50)

For this first set of achievements you should set the difficulty to Master and play All 5's on the settings suggested in the guide. After your first win, you will unlock (appropriately) First Win. Win 9 more games like this, and you will unlocked Beat the Masters. At this point you should change the difficulty to Guru and win 40(!) games of All 5's. After your 50th win you will unlock All 5's Winner and Guru Beater.

*note* You may decide you'd rather work towards All 3's Winner instead, and this is just as good a decision, but just be sure you change games to All 5's once you unlock All 3's Winner so your effort won't be wasted.
All 3's Winner
All 3's Guru

For these achievements, I would recommend changing the options to try for the Guru achievement. You very well might finish 30 games before you achieve All 3's Guru. If you happen to achieve All 3's Guru before All 3's Winner, simply change the settings to allow for faster games.

*note* All 3's Guru is probably much easier to achieve when boosting online. If you're choosing to boost for this, I'd recommend only using the settings that allow for the fastest All 3's games when going for 30 wins.

Super Blocker
Mega Player
Perfect Game

For these achievements, choose Straight as your gametype. Straight seems to be much easier to win a game without drawing for Perfect Game, as well as for winning 5 rounds straight for Mega Player. These achievements will require luck, so don't get too stressed if it takes a while. I actually got both of them without trying for them. For Super Blocker, follow the advice in the guide and do your best to block out the computer. Super Blocker may be one of the last achievements you unlock, if it weren't for Doubles.

That just leaves the online achievements:

Real Win
Domino Explorer

Before venturing online you should obtain 1 win on Mexican Train and Bergen against the computer. Once you have a win on all 5 of the gametypes in single player, find a boosting partner (or try your luck finding someone) and set out to win a game of each type on both player and ranked matches. After your first online win you'll unlock Real Win, and after your 10th win (5 gametypes times 2 options <player and ranked> makes 10 wins) you will unlock Domino Explorer.