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02-03-2009, 02:37 PM
I hated playing this game on hard-boiled. It is great on normal, but hard-boiled is old school frustrating. I had most trouble with the guy with the machine gun at the end of the Mega Restaurant. Tried that 100 times.

In the Mega stick to the top levels and put a guitar case on each side on the entry and the casino. Camp a bit in the corners and use slow time wisely and make headshots. I tried that level for hours if its any consolation.

Now the easy part.

Last level you face the mob boss, after having shot down the chopper.

DONT!!! use your tequila bomb powers! really

Make sure you walk downstairs along the safe zones where the sniper cant hit you and kill the goons that come at you. You will get grenades here.

Now when you normally would go up and use precision aim, DO NOT.

The sniper kills you in 2 shots and then all youre damage done with PA is for naught. Instead stay downstairs and lob all your nades at the mob boss where he stands sniping. This is done from either side beneath the archways nearest to his balcony.

When the fat guy comes to give you a dual pump action massage, you still have all your tequila gauge full! Just use the barrage with golden guns or the heavy (L) machine gun. Now you have a checkpoint, shoot the goons that keep coming after the boss says they have to kill you again (this happens 4 or 5 times in the whole battle.) Keep repeating the grenades trick. You will take out 1/4 of his health if done correctly.

If you managed to get the rest of the game on hard boiled this should be easy. I tried this final battle for 30 times until I realised it wasnt working.
So I experimented and found this way. I hope I am the first one to post this on the net and most of all I hope this helps.

Multiplayer achievements are long btw, not a good game to get 1000G in.
The expansion costs 1200 MS, for 250G, that is a rip off I am not paying.

Good luck and keep at it!

02-20-2009, 11:47 AM
Im just missing the achievments from the dlc, which i dont have and will not buy and the achievments for hard and hard boiled.

Maybe ill try the game on hard but almost sure will never try on hard boiled. It insane.