View Full Version : how effective is managing vs Simming

02-04-2009, 04:09 AM
Anyone have any clue?

I've been managing and I've had a rough road, albeit i'm playing as the pirates and did some working on the roster but still nothing penant worthy. I think i'm sitting at a record of 11-10, my best at one point was 9-5.

Annoyed with a poor performance mid game, i decide to auto-play, I was losing at the time 6-4 and had two pitchers in the bullpen with a yellow stamina on the mound. At any rate, the comp pulls my pitcher and replaces it with a guy i didn't even have warming up..then keeps him in the game for 4 innings and the final was 15-4 loss. Does the AI have any AI at all...=/

Anyhow, after getting frustrated with a losing streak i decided to quit for the day but first sim it to the all star break just to see what happens, I didn't even make it that far as i was disgusted with how my team repeatedly kept losing by 6+ runs every game with huge margins of 10-2 9-3, 7-0, etc...now the entire time i played out games they were decently competetive, not these landslide blowouts. The record when i decided to stop simming short of the Break was something like 19-38

I'm just wondering how the AI decides to manage in your stead, and has anyone else had this trend?

02-22-2009, 04:36 AM
I've managed about 10 games, simmed many more, and I think it's fairly consistent. For a while I thought my guys hit worse when I managed, but I'm the Nationals; they're just very, very bad. You might want to try starting a career with the Cubs, Red Sox, Yankees, or Mets. We probably can't draw too much out of how the game treats the Gnats and Succos.

Oh, they definitely do some weird stuff in the auto-fix and simulations, though, you're right about that. Some pitchers will just be completely ignored in your bullpen; make sure you adjust their designations so that nobody is "RP," and they're all LR, MR, SR, SU, or CL. That should help the AI figure out who to put in at what point a little more easily. Should.