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02-04-2009, 04:17 PM
When I go to change stats in the roster for any team, how do I tell which players are starters and which ones are bench players? I noticed some players have MLB and AAA next to their names. I don't know much about baseball, but I assume that might be important. But I don't know if that has any bearing on whether or not they start.

I ask because I'm tired of changing the sliders on EVERY freakin' player!

02-04-2009, 04:22 PM
I think that if it says MLB that means that that player is in the majors, and the ones that say AAA are not yet in the majors. I would just change the sliders on all of the players.

02-04-2009, 09:54 PM
Will do, kind sir. And thank you.

KFZ Scrubs
02-28-2009, 10:24 PM
How the hell do i switch out all the batters with pitchers and pitchers with batters? I've looked and heard people talk about it, but with no avail of finding out how.