View Full Version : Achievements tough? v.FEAR 2

02-05-2009, 07:31 AM
I really don't like playing a sequel if I didn't complete the first game, it is just one of those things that bothers my achievement whoring personality.

So even with boosting, how hard are those multiplayer ones to unlock? You don't need 6 players in the room like Gears 1 for weapon kills to count or other silly requirements like that, right?

Lastly, the singleplayer game isn't very hard or too shitty is it? How many play throughs would be required?

I am thinking of renting this game for a couple weeks and just curious if it will be possible to get the whole 1000GS, really would like to have this in my profile before I get into FEAR 2 :) Thanks, everyone.

02-05-2009, 11:44 AM
It is very possible to get 1000G in this game but requires a certain amount of dedication and skill...

The multiplayer achievements are nothing to worry about if you have a partner (all can be done with 1 other person) - however MP 1000 will still take a while (there is no way around it ;) )

Single player is excellent due do balanced gameplay, easy to grasp controls and awesome AI (and of course a good story) but achievements really depend on how familiar you are with shooters in general (and unfortunately if the game likes you and gives you the achievements when it is supposed to)

you might want to take a look at the roadmap, I've tried to cover all glitches and how to work around them... so if you think that the achievements look do-able I'd say give it a try... it's a great game :)

02-05-2009, 01:03 PM
The achieves are mostly MP based and they are easy.. just play play play and get your rank up.. there's no challenging ones like "50 weapon kills in SP", "don't die".. "Instant Action"... these are easy achieves.. :mad: