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Beyond Good & Evil 2 - Teaser Trailer


Beyond Good & Evil 2 (working title), or BG&E2, is the sequel to the 2003 video game Beyond Good & Evil. It is being designed by Michel Ancel, the creator of the original game, and developed by him and his team at Ubisoft Montpellier. BG&E2 is being published by Ubisoft. Intended as the first part of a trilogy, the original Beyond Good & Evil won critical acclaim but failed to gain commercial success. The status of BG&E2 was unknown for several years until it was unveiled at Ubidays 2008 in the Louvre in Paris, France, on May 28, 2008.

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The original Beyond Good & Evil game was meant to be the first of a trilogy of games. Michel Ancel has stated that he wrote the story of the Beyond Good & Evil-universe to be longer than what is included in the first game, but because of the poor sales of the original game, Ubisoft was reluctant to invest in a sequel.
Michel Ancel first gave a hint about Beyond Good & Evil 2 in an interview with Nintendo Power, where he confirmed that he was working on a new project that means a lot to him. He also talked about Jade (the protagonist from the original game) and said that he really hopes that she will continue to keep her values and her personality.
Many rumors about a possible sequel have appeared since the release of the first game, which all seemed to be false until May 2008, when Ubisoft announced Beyond Good & Evil 2.


Michel Ancel first talked about Beyond Good & Evil 2 being in production in an interview with the French magazine Jeux Vidéo Magazine, where he stated that the game has been in pre-production for a year, but was yet to be approved by Ubisoft. Less than two weeks later, a teaser trailer of the game, recorded entirely inside the game's engine, was shown at Ubidays. However, the game was presented only as the next project of Michel Ancel and Ubisoft Montpellier; no specific details, release date or title was announced. The trailer, showing off the highly advanced graphics of the game engine, depicts a hovercraft-like vehicle resting off to the side of a road going through a desert. Beside the vehicle sits Pey'j, one of the supporting characters from the original game. A woman resembling Jade, the protagonist, sits on the trunk in the background. Not much is revealed about the game itself. The Jeux Vidéo Magazine article also stated that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is under development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but this is not confirmed.
On December 18, 2008, at the VGL event in Paris, Ancel stated that Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been under development for a year and a half and that the development team have received total freedom from Ubisoft, giving them the opportunity to make the game how they want.

It is unknown if the cast of the original Beyond Good & Evil is coming back to work on Beyond Good & Evil 2. However, it is confirmed that Christophe Héral, the man who composed the music for the original game, will be back to write the musical score. In the interview with Jeux Vidéo Magazine, Ancel stated that a cast of 10 to 12 people have been working on the pre-production.

Target Audience:

According to the Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be made more appealing to casual gamers than the original game, which had more core gamers, trying to make sure the sequel does not suffer the same commercial failure the original did.

Plot & Setting:

In the interview with Jeux Vidéo Magazine, Michel Ancel stated:
"[Beyond Good & Evil 2 will] be in continuity with the first game, with a big variety of levels, lots of emotion in the gameplay, and characters we care about. This time we are dealing with planet's future, and the relationship with animals...

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I love the first game on PS2, yet another game which I think will have an excellent sequel :)

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The first game was one of those hidden gems when it came out. Loved it on the xbox and would really enjoy them releasing it on XBL. Can't wait for this.

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New information here!


Ubisoft's Michel Ancel has confirmed Beyond Good & Evil 2 is in "active" development for next-generation consoles, but didn't specify which consoles or commit to a release date.

The confirmation comes via a video interview (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=BJChkhPNeX0#t=707s) with Toulouse Game, which has been translated by the ever-resourceful NeoGAF (http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=472889) community. "We are in an active creation stage and at this moment we are only focusing on the game and making it the best game that we can," said Ancel.
When quizzed about platforms the Rayman creator said the dev team is currently too focused on realising its ambitions to think about platforms.
"That decision would just distract us from that objective. I can say that it's a very ambitious game and we need some tech to achieve that ambition," he said. "We focus on the game. We create it first, then we'll see what can run it. We don't say 2013 because we don't know when it will come. We're working to create a great game and it needs more tech."
A BG&E 2 teaser video (http://www.computerandvideogames.com/video/1191495796001/beyond-good-evil-2-teaser/) released last year showed Jade, the first game's protagonist, parkouring around a city. According to Ancel, the use of parkour pre-dates Mirror's Edge and is more in line with Assassin's Creed, another Ubisoft property.
"We had this concept even before Mirror's Edge launched. And we have a different approach to the first person perspective that Mirror's Edge has. Prince of Persia and Assassin's Creed are closer to what we have in mind with the control of the character in a third person perspective," he said.
"We use a very dynamic camera that shakes a lot during the action to add life to the camera, giving the impression of an action news cover team following Jade. Maybe that could be similar to Mirror's Edge but the game itself is very different."
Since the interview went live, what is believed to be an in-engine shot of the game has appeared on AGB (http://www.allgamesbeta.com/2012/05/beyond-good-evil-2-in-engine-screenshot.html). Admittedly there's not much that distinctly identifies it as Beyond Good & Evil 2, other than what looks like the Daï-jo staff Jade uses to smack enemies about. Judge for yourselves.
Last year Ancel admitted that his studio has been working on the game "for a long time", and that "some technical issues" contributed to its move to next-gen (http://www.computerandvideogames.com/320763/ubisoft-explains-beyond-good-evil-2-move-to-next-gen/).

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Aiming for more casual gamers… hopefully they don’t ruin it for those who liked the original. That being said you can understand why they are looking for a larger audience.