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02-07-2009, 04:40 PM
Hi, Ive searched these forums but i must be crap at it because i couldnt find a definitive answer to my question.

i have heard a rumour - is there a glitch in this game where you can get up to wong on hard boiled, quit out and then continue the game in casual, defeat wong and then quit out after the checkpoint and start that checkpoint again in hard boiled, netting the Hard Boiled achievement? I hope so, as ive got up to wong on hard boiled and now ive really had enough of stranglehold!!!

02-09-2009, 06:03 PM
there are DOZENS of posts about this but here's how I did it in about 5 or so tries.

1) When you beat the standoff (which is a challenge all it's own), grab a shotgun, run to the wall with the double golden pistols and grab 'em. The shotgun is for backup if you run out of Golden Pistol ammo. You can try the assault rifle but the shotgun kills goons faster.

2) Hide behind the pillars as fast as you can and shoot the goons that rush you by leaning (Tequila Time will automatically activate). It might get frustrating as people will appear outta nowhere but if your cautious you'll be ok. Just beware of the ones that melee you as it will kill you in one hit and be aware of how much Tequila Time you've got. Also, sometimes the goons will come out but they won't rush you. If that's the case let your TT restore (if needed), stop hiding (walk away from the pillar) and they'll come running. Just DON'T shoot that dragon statue! It MUST stay intact!

3) When Wong shows up run underneath him and grab all the grenades the goons dropped. When you're maxed out, stand just out of his range but make sure you can still see him. Throw the grenades (this might take a few attempts to actually hit him) and when you do it enough, he'll run back into hiding. If you run out of 'nades before he runs, run aorund the bottom floor again and you should get at least another 4 or 5. On the plus side, you can damage Fatboy by doing this too :)

4) Repeat Step 2 and Step 3. Again, DO NOT SHOOT THE DRAGON STATUE!

5) Now that Dapang has become uncomfortable with his size and decided to come join you for an aerobics lesson, kick his ass! This is easily done by FINALLY shooting/grenading the dragon statue. If you get the timing right the statue should fall on top of him and kill him instantly.
If that happens skip to Step 6, otherwise read Step 5B

5B) If it doesn't kill him and it just damages him, fear not. Use your Barrage (the one that temporarily gives you infinite ammo) with the Double Golden Pistol and destroy the rest of him. If for some reason you don't have Barrage, run around the statues base and collect the cranes (there's 2 or 3) and shoot Dapang with Barrage then. If you can't collect the cranes without taking heavy damage from Dapang and/or Wong, run upstairs, grab a couple of cranes, find Dapang (or let him come to you) and THEN Barrage him.

6) Now that Dapang has kicked it, hide behind the pillars located next to the stairs CLOSEST to Wong (either side is fine) and pick off the goons until you get Precision Aim. When you do, run up the stairs (CAREFULLY!) and hit Wong with it. After 4 or 5 shots he'll die.

*sometimes you'll run out of Golden Pistol ammo. This can be fatal so whenever you can (usually when Wong appears) grab the ammo on the rack. It respawns surprisingly often (every minute and thirty seconds or so). Similarly, grab health as often as possible.

if i missed a section or detail just ask :)

02-10-2009, 06:25 PM
hey thanks a lot man, its funny ive got as far as past dapang a few times, using a very similar strategy! so 4 precision aim shots should kill wong? this is what im trying to do. the reason its taking me so long is that the statue rarely falls on that chinese peter griffin! i dont want to waste any paper cranes on that fattie so i just let them kill me if he survives. my plan - then i run around the statue picking up the cranes, and run upstairs and across one of the chandeliers (another crane) then across the other side when i land there is a crane on a bannister. now if i just turn to wong and precision shot him with all my tequila bombs he should go down?

<edit> pheeeeew done it. he took 5 precision aims and tequila time assault rifle to the face finished him off! lordy, the tequila time was about to run out, i thought i was toast!

02-12-2009, 10:17 PM
well congrats on doing it. I guess I have no reason to warn you of the upper floor :P

05-18-2009, 07:41 PM
Well, after about 2 hours of trying, I finally managed to beat those damn bosses. The best strategy is best described in the first post ok Slipknot1988.
Btw, it's far better to try to kill Dapang instant with the statue. If you don't manage to do it, don't waste time, die and repeat.
Cheers and thanks so much for sharing this strategy! On my my way to 1000 G! :D