View Full Version : Faster Slider Upgrade/Downgrade

02-14-2009, 06:24 PM
I didn't see this mentioned elsewhere ... so forgive me if I've missed it.

I found a much faster way to move the sliders when you are maxing out stats (or vice versa) on players. It takes an incredibly long time to go through each player with four pages of stats and slide the sliders over on each one.

Here's a faster method:

Go to the first tab of stats ("Hitting" I believe) and select the first stat. Now move your LS to the right (or the left if downgrading) until the stat is either 0 or 100. Now don't let go of your LS. Keep it held down to either the left or right. Now using your D-Pad, hit up and down while still holding your LS over. Odds are it will go several lines up or down at a time ... but you'll notice the stats go almost instantly to 0 or 100. Just keep hitting up or down on the D-Pad until everything is maxed on the page (even skimming over a stat and not "landing" on it will upgrade it some ... so don't worry about being precise with your D-Pad movement)

Now just keep holding your LS and hit the Right trigger to go to the next page of stats. Use the same D-Pad movement to skim over all the stats and get them all upgraded.

I found this method was much, much faster. Hope it helps someone else!