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02-15-2009, 04:23 AM
Ok ya i got bored and did this. It is my first guide so please dont make fun of me.

High Roller 20
Complete all story missions in Las Paradiso.
(see complete all story missions on the 4th Ring of Furon)

Destroy All Humans! 20
Destroy 1,979 Humans.
(very simple. just run around and kill everyone you see)

A-Lister 20
Complete all story missions in Sunnywood.
(see complete all story missions on the 4th Ring of Furon)

Zen Master 25
Complete all story missions in Shen Long.
(see complete all story missions on the 4th Ring of Furon)

Big Fromage 30
Complete all story missions in Belleville.
(see complete all story missions on the 4th Ring of Furon)

Furon Commander 35
Complete all story missions on the 4th Ring of Furon.
(well this is also a very easy achievement. pretty much all you have to do is complete all the missions in the game. for las parideso all you have to do is follow the map and get to pox and complete the missions. the same go for all other maps in the game)

Pox's Apprentice 20
Complete half of the Odd Jobs in the game.
(see the emperors agent)

The Emperor's Agent 40
Complete all odd jobs in the game.
(well all u have to do is go around the map and find all of the odd jobs. they are easy to find because they have a big yellow line over them, kinda like the saucer. i have to admit they are really odd but most of them are very easy)

Sacred Son of Arkvoodle 30
Activate all of the landing zones in every invasion site.
(well for these you need to look on your map and find the locations of the landing zones to find them. in one of the story missions it shows you how to unlock the landing zones. all u have to do is talk to the statue of arkvoodle and follow what he tells u to do. to me all of them were very easy to acomplise)

Apocalypse Right Now 90
Complete all Missions, Odd Jobs, Challenges, and unlock all Landing Zones.
(well this acually has to be one of the hardest achievements on the game. the missions, odd jobs, and landing zones are all easy to unlock. the challenges are pretty hard to do though. now it may be a glitch on my game, but my map doesnt show the locations of the challenges so they are hard to find. the challenges themself arent hard at all its just finding them)

Biologist 20
Collect 10000 Furon DNA.
(see collect 5000000 furon dna)

Biochemist 25
Collect 1000000 Furon DNA.
(see collect 5000000 furon dna)

Brain Surgeon 30
Collect 5000000 Furon DNA.
(ok this achievement is very easy. all you have to do is run around and do all the story missions, challenges, and odd jobs. at the begining the missions, challenges, and odd jobs dont give you that much but once you get higher up in the story mode you will get more dna per mission, challenge, and odd job you do)

Sleeps with the Fishes 20
Destroy 15 Mobsters in Las Paradiso.
(see destroy 25 red nexosporidium warriors on the 4th Ring of Furon)

THQ 1138 20
Destroy 15 Lunarian Thugs in Sunnywood.
(see destroy 25 red nexosporidium warriors on the 4th Ring of Furon)

Fist of Furon 20
Destroy 15 Triads in Shen Long.
(see destroy 25 red nexosporidium warriors on the 4th Ring of Furon)

The Francodyne Connection 25
Destroy 15 Francodyne Guards.
(see destroy 25 red nexosporidium warriors on the 4th Ring of Furon)

Red Scare 35
Destroy 25 Red Nexosporidium Warriors on the 4th Ring of Furon.
(ok all of the exept of destroy 25 red nexosporidium warriors on the 4th Ring of Furon will come just from doing the story missions. but for the 25 red nexosporidium warriors you are going to have to the Forth Ring of Furon run around and kill all of the red nexosporidium you can see)

Massive Damage 20
Trash 500 vehicles.
(pretty easy, just get in your saucer and blow up any car you see on the ground)

Paradiso Pursuer 20
Find all the Furon Crash Test Dummies in Las Paradiso.
(see furon factfinder)

Sunnywood Seeker 20
Find all the Furon Emperor Statues in Sunnywood
(see furon factfinder)

Shen Long Scout 20
Find all of Pox's Record Collection in Shen Long.
(see furon factfinder)

Belleville Beneficiary 20
Find all the Furon Nails in Belleville.
(see furon factfinder)

Furon Factfinder 20
Find all the Lava Lamps on the 4th Ring of Furon.
(ok the easiest way to do this is to get in your saucer and destroy all the buildngs on the map. now this wont work for the Forth Ring of Furon but it will for every other one. once your done destroying all the buildings then go to the ground and search for the all of the items. now before you do this jump on all the buildings to check and see if they all have items on them. once done with that then take my destroy everything idea.

Fist Master 20
Use the Temporal Fist 75 times.
(very simple, just stop time and throw as many things as you can and keep doing this tell you gat the achievement)

Carnie 20
Beat the Furon Librarian's high score in all of the Humania Games.
(the easiest way to do this is to aim for all the score boasting parts of the game to make it easier. they are all pretty simple to do and plus you need to do 3 of them in the story mode so thats pretty much at most half of them)

Shock Trooper 20
Shock 100 humans with the Zap-O-Matic.
(just run around and kill humans with the zap-o-matic. pretty simple)

Proctologist 20
Probe 100 humans with the Anal Probe.
(just run around and shot humans twice with the gun and you will have it in no time)

Horticulturist 20
Feed 100 humans to the Venus Human Trap.
(now this is probably the hardest gun achievement on the game. my advice is go to bienville plant a venus in the middle of the big tower thing. they always have people there for the plant to eat. you will probably need to plant about 5 of them to get the achievement)

Furoball Dribbler 20
Bounce 100 humans with the Superballer.
(very simple and entertaining. Just shot the bouncyball and watch it do its work)

Furon in the Sky 20
Liquify 100 buildings with the Death Ray.
(just buy all upgrades for the death ray and the buildings break easily. just keep blasting at the buildings and you will get this achievement in no time)

Flyswatter 20
Take down 100 airborne enemies with the Seeker Drones.
(all you have to do is get in the saucer and rase the alert level to were helicopters come and just blast them out the sky. enemy saucers also help you get this achievement)

DAHM Master 25
Find all 8 DAHMs.
(very simple, just find the spot or object that you need and then do the thing you need to do and you will get it)

Pro-Pain 10
Las Paradiso - Shoot a Propane tank cluster to blow up a building.
(see dahm master)

The 'Wood 10
Sunnywood - Destroy "SUNNY" on the Sunnywood sign.
(see dahm master)

Globeclotter 10
Sunnywood - Destroy several humans within 3 seconds with the globe.
(see dahm master)

Donut Holed 10
Sunnywood - Throw a civilian through the donut hole.
(see dahm master)

Definitely Not in Kansas 10
Shen Long - Unleash the Tornadotron to throw tons of shipyard crates in the air.
(see dahm master)

Monkish Bowling 10
Shen Long - Use the bowling ball to bowl over at least 3 monks with a single throw.
(see dahm master)

Barge Boomer 10
Belleville - Destroy the barges.
(see dahm master)

Arc de Umph 10
Belleville - Throw a human above the Arc.
(see dahm master)

Crypto Sutra 90
Complete all Paths of Enlightenment.
(very simple, just body snatch, read minds, stop time, and throw stuff. then every now and then just go meditate in your saucer and you will get it in no time)

02-16-2009, 06:50 PM
Ill just tell you now there is no were near enough detail for it to be a guide & you may want to include the picture of the achievement if your going to submit it.
Good attempt though

Mr Arrow
02-16-2009, 06:55 PM
Thanks for the effort but there is already a guide for this game: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=110493

You might want to contact the author if you have anything significant to add. :)

02-16-2009, 06:59 PM
There is a guide but let's face it, it can be ALOT better & it would be great if some one makes a really good one :p

12-11-2009, 06:14 PM
i cant do one odd job in las paradiso. did i do something wrong?