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02-16-2009, 06:32 AM
Play armored front. The best level (most destroyable objects) is Skid Row as far as we can tell.

It is DEFINATELY destroying objects. I can confirm this. I have gotten a total of 2 kills in the armored mech thing, and I have the achievement already.

In skid row you can get between 15-20 points towards the achievement each round. Get your mech, go back to your starting spawn, destroy both sides of the concrete pillar inside the building. If you start at the side with the neon sign, shoot it too. If not shoot it when you get to that end. Destroy both fire hydrants. Destroy the door behind checkpoing 2 and checkpoint 4. (not the one directly behind it but the one off the side with the low overhang, when you shoot it it explodes and changes the structure of the door). Shoot all 3 windows out of both bus stops. Shoot the destroyable door diagonally behind each bust stop (same type of door as behind points 2 and 4). In the center of the map by point 3, both buildings on either side of the street have 4 "panels" on ground level that can be destroyed, as well as a door on the side of the building when heading toward point 2 or 4 respectively. Other than that, just spray everything in sight with your machine guns.

We took turns, 4 of us. One person would destroy stuff each round and we just rotated. So you get one turn every 4 rounds to get between 15-20 points. It takes roughly 5 minutes for each round. Once the person in the mech is done blowing stuff up then just finish capturing the last couple checkpoints so one team has all 5 points to end the match.

I went from 50/100 to 100/100 and got the achievement in just over an hour and a half today using this method. So for four people starting from scratch think roughly 3-4 hours depending on how long it takes you to get into matches together and start them. It should take 5 rounds and some change for each person to destroy 100 objects on this map.

A 2rue boofer
02-16-2009, 06:48 AM
illl add this into the guide thank you for this info