View Full Version : boosting for general

02-16-2009, 06:36 AM
Looking for serious, comitted players to boost for 4 star general. We will be doing failsafe or armored front, depending on which one is faster. Based on another thread I'm thinking armored front just taking turns capturing a control point. Doesn't matter how many people we have, but I'd prefer to keep it small between 4 and 6 players so it doesn't take forever to get everyone into each match.

Send me a message to LifeExpectancy on xbox live with General in the message if you're interested. I plan on boosting this every day that I'm not working, from about 10-11pm central standard time in the states till about 8-9am central standard time. I'm on right now (sunday night/monday morning). I work monday and tuesday so I won't be on much those two days, then will be boosting again wed/thurs.