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True I Skill
02-24-2009, 12:17 AM
If you hate bad spelling then please leave the thread. Because i suck at spelling D; and punctuation.. and alot of other things but anywayy..

Ok just had a few lil idea's well only 2 really just to make things a little easyer. sorry if these have been posted before. i dont come to this part of the forum much and the search feature rly annoys me at times -.-

Ok anyway first of all..
A party boosting idea that is set up on this website. Right what it is, is a page people go to and host there own boosting partys. (Yeah we have acheivment trading thread, but this way its set up abit more safer so people have to be on time and stuff) And what happens is. Whoever is going for the acheivment will pick out the game and the acheivment. Or acheivments. once that is done he gives a Time, a date, a number of players needed. When people go to the page it has a list of all the acheivments people want partners to boost with, it shows what time they have to be on (In there countrys time) They find the acheivment they want (if not host one) once they find one, with the right time they will be on, they join and one space is taken. Yes they dont have to go by the time, but to stop them from doing this a certain feature is added that gives a percentage of if the person is safe to boost with or not. For example if he turns up on time and helps with getting the other people the acheivment. when the boosting is over, the people in the party go back to the website and Press a tick next to the persons name for being there on time. But if the person does not turn Up for the boosting match, Or gets the acheivment and then leaves. the people in the party can come back to this website and leave press a X button or somthing giving him a bad percentage of if his safe or not. So if he was on 100% safe it would go down a bit of percent, and maybe also a safe: and unsafe: thing with the amount of times he/she has received a tick or cross from the boosting party.. And if he has a bad percentage when he trys to join a party on the website the host can choose to kick him from the party.

Its just a way so people can rely on the people they are boosting with to turn up and let the other players get the acheivment as well..

second idea is a simply little watch list for the threads. i hate seeing a great thread (for example a gears of war 2 thread that had tips for using every weapon, and the guy was also going to add map stratergys as well) and it did not get stickied and went straight down to the bottom where i couldnt find it. I hate adding links to my bookmarked or fav's.. so i think maybe a watch this should be added to the site, top of the page some where you click a arrow and a list of threads uve put on ur watch list drops down. to put a thread on ur watchlist maybe just a button in top right of the thread you click and it adds. to make getting arround the site abit more quicker..

Ok im sorry if they are not understandable i am very very bad at explaining things so please do not complain that this is a waste of a thread im worse than hitler ect ect... For the people that can understand my poor typing and crappy explaining any1 reckon it will work? or think up a diffrent way of doing it alot simpler..

02-24-2009, 12:50 AM
second idea is a simply little watch list for the threads.

The first point is not likely to happen, generally the trading threads work very well.

You can subscribe to any thread when you post in it, and then in your message center you can see a list of all subscribed threads. That addresses your second point completely. When entering a reply, look underneath the box you are typing in under "Additional Options". It is the third box, titled Thread Subscription.