View Full Version : city planner mabey quicker way

02-24-2009, 02:53 AM
i think i found a quick way to get this as i got lucky when i hosted a 4 player match on skid row and as it started everyone left so the game started with just me in it i got around 16 towards this chivi then captured the points to end the game when it did end it said practice round finished and it auto started up the match again so i played again and got another 16 towards chivi and again said practice round finished it started again i done this 6 - 7 times untill the chivi poped up in game . so if you guys want to try setting up a game with 3 friends start the game and get friends to leave as the game starts leaving the host in the game to repeat the match untill chivi pops up its a lot quicker than setting up match after match.

list off things i shot -

piller in base befor first control point (both sides)

2 door frames 1 near suit and 1 next to bus stop (both sides)

bus stop windows (both sides)

8 borded windows with mesh on around control point 3

if this method work for you guys plzz reply back so i no it works and was not a one off thanx.