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11-19-2006, 05:17 PM
:mad: LOL i can't believe i'm posting this after trying to find out if veteran is still unlockable if you use level select (which it is provided no cheats were used).

this is a warning to all those who want to attempt Veteran mode on COD3. it's different to COD2. it can be easy... but one or two parts might stop you dead for good! like it did to me :(

despite the fact i completed COD2 on Veteran. and despite the fact i didn't find it that hard getting up to the end of mission 8 The Forest in COD3... i have for the first time hit a brick wall and given up... yep, the damn final part of mission 8 is impossible to me for some reason. i feel it's almost cheap and broken but i know most players would just say im crap they would be right, i guess lol.

but seriously i played the rest of the game on normal and realised as i made mental notes of where i would "hide" or shoot from if it was veteran mode i was on... that i probably would have had a second COD veteran badge of honour if it wasn't for ONE CHECKPOINT LOCATION! i feel i would have completed all the missions after The Forest on Veteran. :mad: but whats the damn point? i loved how you got achievements for each mission in COD2. great considering you could still enjoy playing 99% of the game and get rewarded for it. on COD3 they give you just one achievement and i just had this feeling there might be something in this game that would screw me over. and sure enough there was... sigh. oh well. better just get ready for Gears of War (i live in aussieland therefore we get everything late) :D

maybe one day if someone had a brilliant video walkthrough of that one part i might re-attempt it, but until then i wash my hands of veteran mode sadly. just wish i was better!!! boooo!!! :P

11-19-2006, 05:48 PM
I know how you feel. I just spent the last two hours trying to take a bridge and it's only the fourth mission. But I finially got it. Iam to stubbering (or stupid) to give up.

11-19-2006, 10:16 PM
I'm currently stuck on the first SAS mission and have to find Vera. The AI on normal mode could actually provide some help as they could hit the Germans. On Veteran they can't hit squat, but Germans seem to have found some kind of kevlar vest during the scroll down from Normal to Veteran.

I even tried going around the level in the complete opposite way I normally would but walls don't seem to stop bullets whichever way you try and go.

If something isn't broken, don't fix it unless you are Treyarch.

11-19-2006, 10:53 PM
Thats the mission after the tank 1? I got the dont die achievement on there. Yeah, didnt think that would be possible on veteran so i was surprised myself.

Darth Odan
11-19-2006, 11:05 PM
Veteran is easy. Trust me, its just like in the Original Call of Duty for the PC....God I loved that game. Its easy, but at times its hard. As Sir Winston Churchill said:

Its the courage to continue that counts.
If your going through hell, keep going.

All I can say is pacience. When you hit a stone, keep trying. If you fail, take a brake. Walk a bit, eat something, sleep. Rethink your strategies. Activate the enemies and walk back to cover. Move slowly. If I had a camera I would do a Video walkthrough.

11-20-2006, 12:56 PM
yeah i know what you mean. i have taken breaks, timeouts etc. it just must be my play style, cause funnily i found it easier than cod2 except for that one part. but you know you're right. at times when i wanted to give up on cod2 i managed to pull it out, so maybe another day or two off and i will try it again.

about the tank mission and getting the achievement for not dying, that goes to show you how deceptive the game can be. i mean up until end of mission 8 there was only 2 parts i got stuck on for a day. the furnace room (before i realised they don't respawn) and the 3 flak 88's at the end of the first british mission. aside from that, i managed to get through all missions in a handful of hours sometimes in one sitting.

but the damn forest... it's strange cause i know to experiment but that is what made me dispair. i tried flanking left, right straight up the middle. crawling, running full speed. stop and pop, smoke screens and nades as i advanced since i had a full kit of nades and smoke. but regardless of tactic the enemies home in on my position seeming to ignore the allies, and respawn far too quick. AND shoot through foliage hehehe

one thing is... is it possible to get close to the trench and kill enough that they will stop respawning, like in other parts of the game? cause i might have more willpower to try again if i know they will cease attacking from everywhere if i get near the bunker. if i manage that, i will simply use all my nades on the bunker itself to clear them out. and to be safe will practice again on the mortar shooting on easy just to make doubly sure if i get there i dont screw up.

hmm, i feel a flicker of inspiration again since playing on easy mode. i guess if i practice a few times on easy and normal mode i will then have more confidence. i remember once on veteran i got to the bunker on the right side but even then the tide of enemies surrounding the forest and trenches was still unbelievable as if they respawn even when you reach the objective.

i bet there must be a sneaky way around. i felt my best progress was done when i went to the far left of the road and crossed. then i laid down smoke and walked over the hill towards the trenches but they'd hit me even in the smoke lol hopefully there will be a brilliant tactic, and then i'll try it again:uzi:
anyway thanks for the encouragements folks :)

Darth Odan
11-20-2006, 01:40 PM
This is what I did:

After leaving the bunker, I took out my Sniper Riffle and killed the ones on the MG 42's. The people next to them will take the machine guns. Afterwords, I charged towards the machine guns, and then retreated. Your team mates will move fowards and attack. Wait for a few minutes and then YOU move foward, throw some smoke so you can get behind a rock and wait. Eventually your team mates will break through and enter the bunker. Go foward, but DO NOT enter the Bunker. Stay outside and lay LOW! Then enter slowly and pick off the ones in the Motors.

11-20-2006, 03:27 PM
hey Darht Odan... you know what? i'll definately give this a go.

i mean i know all about the triggering the allies to do the dirty work for ya part. done that tons of times through both games. but what seemed to be hard for me was that even if they were fully engaged with the germans, there would be respawning enemies who would simply avoid the allies and come straight for me. so you reckon if i hide somewhere out of sight like behind the tank after triggering at the MG's trench, the allies will move up enough so i can lay down smoke then bolt to the boulder near the bunker? (after waiting a few mins as you say) which boulder? the one on the far right of the map or the one dead ahead past the tank and MG trenches near the the bunker door? cause sometimes i've managed to bolt to that boulder and lie down only to get shot from some angle i can't see and before i have a chance to find the culprit im dead.

ok... 1. snipe MG's and trigger allies advance by moving up then hide behind tank?
2. wait a few mins, then toss tons of smoke and move straight up middle of forest past tank/MG's to the boulder near bunker door then go prone.
3. wait here since allies will overwhelm trench then enter bunker. then slowly kill off remaining enemies and do the mortar part.

right, well first i'll do this on easy to see if it works well (before on easy i died quite a few times... yes even on easy! lol), then if im comfortable with the tactic and the allies are not frozen and unwilling to advance i'll do this on Veteran. i'll have an answer in a couple days i hope :D....

Darth Odan
11-20-2006, 04:37 PM
I wish I had my 360 alive :(.

Okay, what I did was after the checkpoint I killed the two MG 42 gunners. By now there should be some smoke and then move foward to the tank. Retreat back to infront of the bunker, where you can still see enemies. Make sure you have an M1 Garand with you [Life saver]. Afterwords move foward to the left, where there should be some boulders [if not, near the middle left side]. Or hide behind the big trees. The enemies keep on respawning but, eventually your allies will move foward. Assure that the left side of the bunker is clear and move up SLOWLY, but if needed high tail it back. Then your allies will be in front and bang, your in. MAKE SURE YOUR LOW BECAUSE THE GERMANS ON THE MORTAR CAN SHOOT YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!

11-22-2006, 10:00 AM
right darth, i've tried a bit last night and got further but still not in the bunker yet. but on easy i found an amazingly quick way into their rear trench which leads to the backdoor of the bunker. what i did was this: (on easy mind you), i didn't stop to shoot anything. the moment the checkpoint loads up i bolt hard left along treeline on the allies side leaving them to kill the MG's if they can. then i cross the road at the roadblock and straight up the hill all the while not stopping for a SECOND! it seems the AI is kinda asleep and 70% of the time i manage to get into the trench behind enemy lines with only one or two shots being fired at me. sometimes i never even get hit! other times i die cause they turn around and come to the edge of the trench and shoot down on me. however if i get there and go prone immediately it's common that they simply forget me and continue the fight against the main force. then as i crawl towards the backdoor i usually have to snipe a guard or two then i bolt inside and throw one or 2 cooked grenades since i end up having a couple of allies who follow me by the time im ready to storm the joint. i throw grenades then back out. once clear i wipe out the mortar team, then all my allies pour into the bunker from the backdoor and start fighting the remaining german force from BEHIND! kind of like we have the bunker and are fighting towards the tank! all in reverse! lol. the reason i had to clear out the germans who are at the MG's is cause the objectives doesn't seem to update til they are cleared. but there will be zero respawning enemies cause we are fighting from within the bunker itself. once cleared using rifle potshots since there's no respawns to worry about, i go to the mortar and blow the roadblocks up. the left one always seems harder to nail than the right one for some reason. but anyway it seems to work great in easy mode cause a good run might mean i only get hit once or twice by rifle fire which is survivable in veteran mode of course. it's the SMG's which nail ya fast. after a few more runs i'll attempt this run plus your tactics on Veteran mode...

here's to hoping :D

11-24-2006, 02:26 AM
I had some trouble here too and basically did what Darth said.

Go right along the trench from where you start. Snipe the 4 MG's on the opposite side of the road.

Once your team mate throws some smoke, run down the trench to the large rock on your left. You will take a shot but never die. Hang back slightly once you reach the rock and take out any Germans you spot whilst your teammates catch up.

Once they advance, go prone and edge towards next rock, keeping to the left side. Use remaining sniper bullets from here to help your team advance.

Once they advance, run to largest tree, again on the left hand side, wait again, picking off Germans with rifle. By now your teammates should be at the bunker.

Advance to bunker, throw grenade to easily clear right hand side of bunker, move in and clear out any remaining germans. Use another grenade on Germans outside near mortar (or if you wait long enough, a teammate will throw one).

Advance to mortar and do not leave it until you have cleared the road.

Darth helped me out during my struggle with Veteran and his advice is spot on. I was stuck on this part for a couple of days and this was the only way I could reach the bunker in the end.

Let us know how you get on?

11-24-2006, 04:20 PM
sure thing supaaafly. believe me EVERYONE will know if i get this done lol. i never thought of it that way. i was so worried about constant respawning that i assumed i had to keep moving and only stop long enough to kill enemies nearest to me. but i see what you and darth mean. if you pick off enough of them before proceeding to next rock, eventually your team mates will saturate the final trench where the bunker is. from there i can clear the bunker no probs since im comfortable with house clearing in this game. if i do get to the mortar i just hope i blow up the left truck quickly. in practice on easy mode i spent a while getting the right elevation. for some reason i can hit the right truck first go but the left one takes a little fiddling. lol i'd hate to die there. but first thing first. get to the damn bunker :D

11-26-2006, 03:22 AM
This is where i am stuck right now, i found a way to make it to the mortar part but i cant live long enough to launch any mortars. Any normal game would probably give you a checkpoint when you cleared out that bunker.

Also, how much longer is the game after this part because im getting pretty pissed off from being shot through walls and stuff

11-26-2006, 04:11 AM
oh my god, i was sitting there every chance i got i would aim at the trucks and i was wondering why they wouldnt explode and then i looked and saw one barrel and two logs in the road and aimed at them and i finished the level. I WAS SITTING AT THAT SPOT FOR LIKE AN HOUR :uzi: CoD3

11-29-2006, 04:37 PM
Veteran was easy for me. I put it on Veteran the first time I played cod 3. So I beat it without knowing were anything was.:)