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03-01-2009, 06:39 PM
Alright, before I begin if such a page exists then please point me in that direction. As I’m sure the staff is painfully aware, 90% of their time on the site is spent enforcing rule violations. In addition, a lot of those rule violations are committed by users that simply didn’t know. As many of you know the site’s forum rules are not found in one location where users can reference them and consult them if they have a question. Instead the rules are found scattered about different forum stickies and announcements. My idea is to combine all of those stickies/announcements and other unposted rules into one concise document that everyone must read before being allowed to post on x360a.org. This would help inform new members, and existing ones, of the site’s rules and help them avoid unwanted infractions and thus free up staff time to better things like site upgrades, contests, podcasts, and other events.

Overall I think the rule page could be broken up as follows:

-No swearing or derogatory language (family site)
-No insulting other site members or staff
-Not allowed to gamesave, profile glitch, mod x360, etc.
-No discussing illegal activities
-Type posts with good spelling and grammar (no l33t, text speak, excessive emoticon usage, etc)
-No buying/trading/giving away/asking for MS redemption codes

-No double posting
-Use Pants’ guide on how to use stickies
-No “spamming”
-Use the search feature
-Use spoilers tags
-No “first” posts on the main site

-No user sponsored contests/tournaments that give away prizes
-Signature size limit
-No posting copyrighted images/material (Prima guides, Brady guides, etc.)

-How they work
-How long bans can last
-Site reserves the right to administer punishment on a case by case basis, etc.

I’m sure I’ve missed a plethora of rules but you get my general idea. Finally for those of you who would say “what’s the point? No one will read it anyway.” I think that once this page is made everyone should be required to read and check a box agreeing to abide by said rules before being allowed to post (new and existing members alike). This way no one can ever use the excuse “Sorry I didn’t know,” ever again. Last I think the rule page should be linked at the top of the forum pages next to the FAQ, Awards, Members, User CP and other links are. That way they can be easily referenced by all. As a final note I’d be more than happy to help or write the initial draft of this rule page if you wanted me to.

So what do you think? Remember this is just a suggestion so be gentle :).

Jappe XBA
03-01-2009, 07:05 PM
Nice, you should link up something like that Pants' guide and spoiler tags threads :p

03-01-2009, 08:11 PM
This is something I been thinking about recently, going to start it off in the staff board then all the mods can add to it and when it is complete move it.