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03-02-2009, 06:31 PM
Ok I have seen loads of posts about various things and no matter how Meany posts there are people still ask so I'm going to and try and inform you all on what you need to know (so please be kind and help, and a sticky would be cool if it is a big help)

CODES FOR Honer Guard and Flame Warthog & Mythic Map Pack!

Ok first the Flame warthog is only given to you for pre-ordering the game (Not 100% if it the same in NA but don't see why not) some store will still give you the code if you by the Limited Edition of the game, this is due to stock levels!!
Most people will NOT give there codes to "beggars or forum trolls" mainly in part to the fact there ordered the game to get the free offer!!!!!!!!!!! Plus it IS against the Xbox live T&C's that you all accepted!!

The Honer guard code (as far as I’m aware) is only for all LE editions, you will find this on the inlay card in your game case along with a 48 hour trial code and the mythic map pack code.

Now both the Flame Warthog and the Honer guard DLC's are only activated via the skulls menu on the pause screen and HAVE to activate for each Level/map you play!!!
In campaign mode activating the honer Guard will not do anything as it’s for player controlled factions only, where as the flame warthog will work! Same if you’re playing a skirmish game as the covenant the Hog will not work but the Honer will!!

Ok the Mythic map Pack code is only in the LE version of halo wars and for the most part is the main reason that people have bought the LE halo wars, so again begging/asking/trolling will not get you the code and yet again it against the Live T&C's so please stop asking

The Mythic Map pack will be released on marketplace within a few weeks, at last check there where rumoured for a mid/late march release at 800MSP!!

Another thing I have seen asked a few times now is Co-op, some people think this is the same gig as halo 3, unfortanetly its not as its not a try live setup, in other words you can't search for co-op games and people can't join your games.
In order to play co-op you need to invite a friend to the game this will then give you the full co-op expirence, Co-op is 2 player only not 3 or 4 as some have thought (shame really)

These are the main things I have seen on countless forums and have multiple topics yet know one ever seems to understand lol
So I hope this helps.
Please note this is the first time I have written something like this so any help or extra info that you think needs to be in the FAQ would be great.