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03-03-2009, 05:29 PM
Fatal Labyrinth Extra Weapon
The Punch is a powerful undocumented weapon, especially useful against creatures that destroy weapons. On the Options screen, choose the WEAPON icon and discard your equipped weapon.

Fatal Labyrinth Maximum Armor
Pick up two short bows then equip them one after the other to get a 99 AC without ever wearing armor.

Fatal Labyrinth Quick Kills
If you want to kill a creature in about 1 hit you must do a VERY sharp turn right into the creature. The key to this trick is all in the timing!

Fatal Labyrinth Powerful Weapons
To get the most powerful weapons, use a weapon power-up scroll on any of the following: bloodsword, golden axe, or skull lance. Keep in mind that this may work with other weapons, but these are the only ones tested. They are cursed weapons, so do not equip them before you power them up.

NOTE: Multiple power up scrolls can be used on the same weapon.

Found at CCG.com

Credit to them