View Full Version : Just a Few Things

03-05-2009, 03:41 AM
Alright, first, is there anyone using the total control pitching? I abandoned the classic pitching for the first time ever because it was just confusing. Although, I've read the other thread and now at least understand what I was supposed to do. However, I think I'll stick with the total control because it's more enjoyable for me. My problem is that I can't seem to strike anyone out. I have thrown a complete game, three-hit shutout with Lincecum, but I only had three strikeouts. I think it's because I release it too late. Everything I stop "charging" it, the controller rattles. Does anyone have any insight on the proper way to use this pitching mechanic.

Second, is there anyway to make the hitting on legend difficulty while keeping the pitching on pro? I'm scoring twenty runs a game and hitting eight homeruns with the Indians without adjusting any of their stats. The total control for the hitting makes it even easier this year since all you have to do is wait for a hittable pitch, hold up, and get the timing down and you can hit a homerun with anyone. Since the hitting is too easy at the moment and the pitching is a tad frustrating, I want to be hitting on legend, but pitching on pro. However, it won't let me do that. I put the hitting on legend, go to the pitching tab, put the pitching on pro, and when I go back ot the hitting tab, it's on pro again. I just want to do it that way instead of custom so I can still unlock the cards.

Third, is anyone else annoyed by the fielding? There seems to be way more errors this year than ever before. In fact, at least once a game, an outfielder will drop the ball and have it fly by him while he's standing on the circle. This happens to both my fielders and the computers.

Finally, the game froze on me. MLB 2K is the only franchise that consistantly freezes on me every year for some reason. It'll happen randomly, but most of the time, it's at the end of a game that I haven't saved. It's the most frustrating and annoying thing of all.

Any insight into any of these problems will be most appreciated. Thanks in advance my good sirs and sirettes...Although, I'm sure it's mostly sirs if not all sirs.