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03-05-2009, 02:45 PM
May sound stupid but can someone explain the story i never played the first game but part of this game didnt quite make sense. Was Alma and experiment who are the other guys that you fighting and the other people who they are fighting. Can someone try to explain what has happened in the past. Thanks.

03-05-2009, 03:08 PM
Erm you should really play number 1.

Alma was experimented on by Harlem Wade, her father and others at the company. This was something to do with her having extraordinary signs of psychic powers at a young age. They amplified this with their experiments and she gave birth to 2 children at different ages. She died and her presence still remained. Point man / Paxten Fettel were the babies. Point man you play in Fear 1. Fettel had a telepathic link with his mother when they opened the vault twice (I think). This was where Alma was basically buried. When they realised Fettel was controlling these high super reactent soldiers that where created by the company (armachem) for projects (unknown?). They seemed to be a lot more of these soldiers being controlled in number 2. I think these people where the people you picked up intel with. Beckett had high powers. So did some more of your team. I think they were injecting these people who possessed powers to boost their potential. To create super armies but that part I don't even know why. Maybe they want to dominate the world. Well it basically backfired and now Alma is in a rage of fury so she's going to make super baby beckett. Beckett was the most powerful in psychics and thats why alma lured you in and raped you (from what it seems anyhow). The story is to much for me to even comprehend. I need to look it up thoroughly. I don't know if that info above is right but hopefully it's a bit of an idea. I'm far from knowing what's really going on.

03-08-2009, 03:27 PM
No, that's a fairly good summary of what's going on in FEAR 1 and 2. The reason they created the soldiers is explained in the preorder booklet and if I recall it's something along the lines of improving battlefield communication because of the speed of psychic communication, also armachem is contracted by the US government as well as other unnamed contractors, which is why they do thoes crazy experiments.