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03-06-2009, 04:01 PM
hey everyone,

like all other baseball fans, im very excited about the season and the new mlb 2k9 game thats out. for the most part its a really decent game, fun to play, great graphics, and does required some strategy as oppossed to just crushing 50 hr's a game like the old mvp franchise.

there are a few issues with online play id like to address. 1. i cant seem to find a lobby to invite players id like to play in a ranked game, the only way ive seen to play ranked is the random player matcher, kinda strange. if anyone knows how to invite ranked games, let me in on it. 2. oh, yes, heres the main reason for my thread, THE PUNKS WHO COMPLAIN AND BITCH about the way i pitch. for god's sake, im sorry i dont wanna grove you meatballs so you can hit it out. forgive me, but last time i put on my spikes the object of the game was to get people out. im ranked 376 outta 10603 as of 3:00am on friday. and yes, i will strike you out if you have no self controll and swing at whatever i throw. ive had guys send me terrible messages during the game, calling me names, threating to report me (LMAO @ that guy) and even got kicked from a league for being 2-0 and after i dominated the GM, he banned me, ha!. they proclaim all i throw is balls, look at my 2k9 stats, i throw 74% strikes. what these people never say during their temper fit is the fact i work the count, then go after you. i wish i have taped some of these at bats, because its so freakin funny when the guy gets mad and starts hacking at my junk. the best part is when they think because the count is 1-2 im gonna throw a ball, and bust out a wicked breaking ball for a called strike 3. its like christmas morning to me when i catch you looking. i pitched in school, i know about location and speed, its not that hard to figure out. i get batters online so confused that 8 times outta 10 i can throw a fastball right down the middle and they just watch it go by, its beautiful. and why should i throw batting practice? if i throw almost nothing but strikes, the ball gets launched 450 feet into the bleachers. nibble the corners, then attack. im not giving in to the run scoring fest the developers intended for during online play. guys pitch the same way to me when i start dominating them, but i have common sence, i dont swing at every pitch. and, i forgot, my games played to hr's hit is right up there with the leaders, i have mad game. my strike outs are right around the leaders too, if i played more games the first few days, youd see me in the top 10. stop crying and play ball wimps!. if you play me and win, kudos to you, nice job. if you dont want any of this, then leave the match when you see SniCkleFrItz239 picking his team. ill bury you with the reds, giants, redsox, whoever... the highest ranked player i have been able to play was #301 a few days ago, i was #1187 at the time, beat him 6-4 in a really good game, i was sweating in my chair, he was good. my 2nd game i think i played and lost to the #84 ranked guy in extra innings, but it was within the first 12 hours of the server opening up.. im 14-5 with a 4 game winning streak.

p.s. to the guy who had me down 10-1 last night after 6 innings, how did you like that heroic effort the redsox put up in the 7th and 8th.. kevin yook's 2 out 3 run jack in 8th gave me my 11-10 lead. and paps shut it down in 9th, after loading bases with only 1 out...wwwwhhhheeewwwww

03-06-2009, 08:37 PM
this is why I quit playing sports games online. people always bitching, crying, and quiting when your beating them.

03-06-2009, 09:53 PM
I was playing a guy ranked like 210 or so and started creaming him with the Reds(he was the Yankees). He quit by the third inning. Sadly I didn't get any points for beating him. That probably would've helped my rank out a bit.

Just play the game. The way homers just fly out in this game anything can happen until the last out.

03-07-2009, 12:14 AM
I'm not going to read that wall of text. Luckily, MLB 2k9 is one of the rare games where cheesing is pretty much non existent. Aside from picking off at 2nd being unstoppable, there are no exploits. I've had a lot more quality online games this year than last. Last year consisted of me striking retards out on pitch outs and them being too dumb to NOT swing at anything.

The HR balancing is bad at times, but that's easily avoidable by NOT playing the Yankees/Red Sox/Angels or any team with a HR-fest roster.

x TwiZtiD
03-07-2009, 12:58 AM
seriously ive got too many messages complaining... if i pitch a curveball in the dirt and you swing why would i stop? i want to win not let them have fun.. i do pitch good too but if i need to win ill obviously play how i want to play not just so someone can hit a homerun..

03-07-2009, 02:08 AM
baseball games online have always been terrible. the engines they use are terrible. it lags so much, so by the time u realize the pitch is gonna be a strike.. ur too late.. i haven't gotten mlb2k9 yet..but i just don't like playing them online. but pple will always be cheesers..nothing u can do about it


03-07-2009, 02:25 AM
After getting used to the swinging lag I scored 5 runs by taking walks and being patient and then forcing my opponent giving me something to hit. He had 2 hits before he decided to quit. =]

03-07-2009, 04:16 PM
wow, ive only had xbox about a month, had no clue the old baseball games were crap online. this one isnt too bad, besides the time i had to quit and give some cheesedick a win because after the 1st inning the server had a stroke and we got frame by frame baseball. 3 minutes of that and i left the game...not sure if he got points for the win, but my ranking suffered, oh well. my first game was madden 09, online play for that is pretty good, lobbies, pick games against opponets in your skill level, or play a high ranker.. mlb 2k9 just kinda puts the server out there like a hooker in a brothel on her last day at work, if its good, cool..when its bad...they dont give a poop. i might just get in a league of people that are top 100 and forget ranked games, prolly be more fun.