View Full Version : Lineup glitches online

03-06-2009, 08:13 PM
I just went to play a game and was adjusting my lineup pregame when apparently the computer decided none of my players should play their positions. I was playing as the Reds and for instance it had Brandon Phillips as a DH, Votto at 2nd, Encarnacion at 1B. I also couldn't swap out their positions to make everything correct. Thankfully the match had a 2k server error before it started but anyone else had something like that happen?

Upon further review it seems like it happened because my online lineups for DH games hadn't been set so they decided to make it a bizarro lineup.

Edit: So after going through and making sure my online lineups are set, it did it again but even worse. Anyone know how to make sure your lineups don't get so crackheaded?