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03-11-2009, 11:29 PM
Sorry i have no pictures for them but the Achievements are. Hope this helps anyone looking, took me a while to find.

champion Defender----(20)---Clear all 12 maps.
Crystal Hoarder---------(20)---Clear a single map without losing any crystals.
Expert Defender---------(5)---Clear all the waves on any single map.
Four-Star Strategist---(30)---Accumulate a total score of 100,000 points.
Good Samaritan--------(35)---Clear a map without deploying a Thief or losing a single crystal.
Novice Defender---------(5)---Clear wave 10 on any single map.
Overachiever-------------(25)---Clear a map with more than 10,000 points.
Seasoned Defender----(5)---Clear wave 20 on any single map.
Veteran Strategist-----(20)---Accumulate a total score of 50,000 points.
W1 Defender------------(10)---Clear all the maps in W1.
W2 Defender------------(10)---Clear all the maps in W2.
W3 Defender------------(15)---Clear all the maps in W3.

12 Achieves - 200G

03-12-2009, 03:17 AM
If anyone would like to see the new achievements, the guy ranked number one on the leaderboards has all but one of the achievements.