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03-12-2009, 11:58 AM
After the horrid list for the original, and the horrible lists OWRPG's seem to have gotten in the past, lets post what WE want for achievement lists.

Here's what i would like!

Indestructable 20G
Survive a direct hit from a Ballista.

Blessed by the Gods 5G
Activate a Cheat Code.

Lol Haxx! 10G
Enter a command through the Two Worlds console.

Retreat! 15G
Enter a new region, then die and respawn outside of said region.

Outta my way! 20G
Push somebody over who is blocking your path.

Bloodthirsty 5G
Eat a raw animal heart.

Unbreakable 25G
Slay a Bear with an unarmed attack

Reveared Hunter 10G
Slay an Animal.

Animal Bane 10G
Slay 20 Animals.

Failed attempt at a Dragon... 20G
Slay a Wyvrn.

Wyvrn Bane 20G
Slay 50 Wyvrn's.

Horrid Grommitzes! 10G
Slay a Grom.

Grom Bane 10G
Slay 100 Grom's.

Simply Orc-credible! 15G
Slay an Orc.

Orc Bane 15G
Slay 50 Orc's.

Repent, Reaper! 15G
Slay a Reaper.

Reaper Bane 15G
Slay 50 Reaper's.

Arachnaphobic 15G
Slay a Giant Spider

Spider Bane 15G
Slay 50 Giant Spider's

It was an accident i swear! 30G
Slay an NPC who is seen as "Innocent".

Evil Incarnate 30G
Slay 10 NPC's who are seen as "Innocent"

Can I haz Dragonburger? 50G
Slay a Dragon.

Dragon Bane 50G
Slay 11 Dragons.

My Magic > Yours 50G
Slay a Dragon delivering the killing strike through magic.

Simply awesome 50G
Slay a Dragon delivering the killing strike through melee.

Dragonpunch! 50G
Slay a Dragon delivering the killing strike through unarmed combat.

That only counts as one! 50G
Slay a Dragon delivering the killing strike through ranged combat.

Lol pwnt 20G
Encounter a Dragon through a random event within the first 30 minutes of gameplay.

Lolz I R Akimbo! 20G
Dual Weild for the first time.

Heavyweight Champ 20G
Defeat an NPC through melee.

Thief! 5G
Pick a lock for the first time.

Master Thief 25G
Pick a Master lock.

Adventurer, part-time 30G
Complete half of the random quest's.

Adventurer, full-time 100G
Complete every random quest.

Savoir 50G
Recieve the positive ending.

On the fence 50G
Recieve the neutral ending.

Bane of life 50G
Recieve the negative ending.

320G is dedicated to Dragons! :woop:

Devil Sora
09-03-2009, 11:07 PM
I dont think the names fit Two World's "Gothic" style. . . . .

04-23-2010, 01:50 PM
I'm all for it!

But, I didn't mind the achievements from Two Worlds. Thank God I didn't start playing it until the patch fixed the "All Locations" achievement.

I just hope the achievements focus on leveling and questing --- my favorites in these types of games.

06-15-2010, 02:29 AM
Alot of your achievement idea's are retarded. Activateing a cheat code should NOT give you anything other than what you cheated for. The dragon achievs are lame too, getting the last hit on a dragon with magic or archery is easy.
Encountering a dragon within' the first 30 minutes of play is amazingly retarded, as all you have to do is hijack a horse and run for the hills (Literally).

Of course your post is old, so im sure your idea's have changed too.

What this game needs is online achievements, at least 200 points dedicated to online play. No achievements for online is what killed the first one for me, but then again there isn't much you were able to do online anyways..

What this game needs is ALOT of achievements, no lame little 330 pointers for killing ban easy "Final boss", and 50g's have got to go. With so much you can do in this game, there should be at LEAST 60 achievements.

"Upgrade a single spell to Level 20" would be nice... Easy, but nice.
"Kill an enemy with a single arrow at exactly 50.2 meters" that would be all luck, and a nice 5 pointer.

We need silly achieves in this game, as well, not just story, and NEVER have an achievement for exploring near 100% of the map...

Although, no matter what this games achievements are, im still buying on release day. I can't wait to see how awsome the spears look now ;)

*Note* Im just stating my oinions. I know what I wrote kinda looks... Ass.. hole-ish.. but just know im not entirely bashing your idea's =D

08-02-2010, 11:53 PM
Those would be some good achievements right there lol Blessed by the Gods!