View Full Version : Wa the heck ????

03-12-2009, 04:21 PM
hi everyone

since i heard that the ninja school and your work is done is gliched if you play mission 9 i completed misson 8 and didnot play mission 9 i got in all other missions completion score A+ and 0 (( zero )) Retries in all mission and played mission 9 and didnot get fall or killed mean 0 retries from the first time :woop: and when i completed the mission i get A+ an 0 Retries

and the over all rating give me B+ and 0 retries iget your work is done ....

But why it give me B+ and i have all the missions A+ AND NO Retries
and if ihave to start with begining how i'll make sure it will give me above B+ ???

03-13-2009, 06:39 AM
well i wrote also that you should have a lot of a A+ subscores :) replay a mission and hope you are lucky that the glitch boosts thescore to overall A+