View Full Version : Game Not Giving Me Achievement "Close Quarter Combatant"

Just SicK NastY
11-25-2006, 02:43 AM
Okay I tried to get this achievement about 3 times now and it still has not given me it. I am trying to get it on the first level "saint lo". The last time I tried I only used melee not even grenades. Has anyone else had this problem?

11-25-2006, 02:49 AM
I don't think you can get it on that level because at the start of the level you have to do the training in which you have to fire the rifle. I did it on the second level.

Just SicK NastY
11-25-2006, 03:05 AM
ah jeez i compeltely forgot about the training part

im trying on the second level as we speak


11-25-2006, 03:08 AM
Second level on easy is your best bet. CovertDog is right about the rifle. Just use melee attacks throughout the level and make the most of your teammates by edging forward and back again to encourage them to advance. That way they will do most of the dirty work for you.

Just SicK NastY
11-25-2006, 03:09 AM
just got it :) that last part was annoying those grenades came in handy.

11-30-2006, 04:52 AM
i did mine on the level were u go in a boat nd have to oar across the river it was really easy did not die once nd i got it on the first time