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Couple of things here...

FIRST AND FOREMOST, this wonderful list is 100% the creation of XBL member TSG Dwaggie. All credit to him for taking the time and effort to make this.

Second, it's not every single answer in the Movie DLC Pack, but a very good chunk and should more than speed you along the way to beating this game.

About which sport was the 2007 film Blades of Glory? Ice skating

At which theatre did the 2008 Soul Men agree to a reunion performance? Apollo

Based on William Shakespeare's The Taming Of The Shrew was the 1999 film 10 Things IHhate About You

Cruel Intentions 2 was know as what Prep? Manchester (Middle-most answer/North East of Wales)

How many years B.C. was Roland Emmerich's 2008 version of the Pleistocene? 10,000

In 1995's Die Hard With A Vengeance, super-cop Bruce Willis pitted wits against a vengeful Jeremy Irons in which city? New York (Top Right answer)

In Back To The Future, what is the scientist's full name? Dr. Emmett Brown

In Baz Luhrmann's 2001 musical film, which French painter inhabited the decadent world of Moulin Rouge!? Toulouse-Lautrec

In Casino Royale, Sir Richard Branson appears in a brief cameo at which airport? Miami (Bottom right)

In Finding Nemo, what type of fish was Nemo? Clownfish

In Superhero Movie, by which radioactive creature was Rick Riker bitten? Dragonfly

In the 2000 movie Sexy Beast, where was Gal, played by Ray Winstone, lying when a boulder nearly hit him? By The Pool

In the cartoon film Open Season what type of animal was Boog? Grizzly Bear

In the Doctor Who special The Christmas Invasion, which city's sports stadium served as the Headquarters for UNIT? Cardiff (Bottom Left)

In the film Field of Dreams, which character does Ray Liotta play? Shoeless Joe Jackson

In the film Firehouse Dog, what was the name of the dog? Rexxx

In the film Over the Hedge, what type of creature was 'Hammy'? Squirrel

In The Full Monty, a documentary about which city is first shown when the opening credits are playing? Sheffield

In the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, which villainous character is played by Bill Nighy? Davy Jones

In the remake of Casino Royale, in which game does James Bond have to stop LeChiffre winning a tournament? Poker

In the Wallace And Gromit series of films, which Last of the Summer Wine actor is the voice of Wallace? Peter Sallace

In which asian city do Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson meet in Lost In Translation? Tokyo

In which city did we enter the mysterious world of a girl called Amelie? Paris (Upper-most answer)

In which city does boxing pic Cinderella Man take place? New York (Top Right answer)

In which country did Monty Python film The Life Of Brian? Tunisia

In which country is Saving Private Ryan predominantly set? France

In which country was the film Donkey Punch set? Spain

In which country was Ula employed in a call center in The Other End Of The Line? India

Jaws was based off a real life event from 1916 off which coast? New Jersey (Top Right answer)

Loosely based on the character of Jimmy Boyle, which comedian plays the part of Nicky Dryden in The Debt Collector? Billy Connolly

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson was born in which country? New Zealand (Bottom Right answer)

On 11th March 2008, the government sealed off an apartment complex where according to Quarantine? Los Angeles

Philip Seymour Hoffman won the Best Actor Academy Award for his 2005 portrayal of which American writer? Truman Capote

Pure Shores by All Saints topped the British singles charts after featuring in which Leonardo DiCaprio film? The Beach

Stephen Chow played Sing in a 2005 film that shared its name with which sport? Kung Fu

The 2006 Leonardo DiCaprio film Blood Diamond was set during which country's bitter civil war? Sierra Leone (Top Left answer)

The 2008 historical drama The Duchess was set in which century? 18th

The Antipodean start of Gladiator, Russel Crowe was born in which country? New Zealand (Right-most answer)

The Dude and Walter's lives revolve around which pastime in The Big Lebowski? Bowling

The inspiration for Hogwarts from the Harry Potter films, where would you find the historic Alnwick Castle? Northumberland (Second answer from bottom)

The soundtrack for which film features Iggy Pop's Lust For Life and Underworld's Born Slippy? Trainspotting

The youngest actress to garner five Oscar nominations, where would you find the childhood home of Kate Winslet? Reading (Bottom Right Answer)

What 2007 film documentary followed a team who were on a 21-year losing streak? Quantum Hoops

What colour dog was Clifford in Clifford's Big Movie? Red

What did Angus call the creature who hatched from an egg in The Water Horse? Crusoe

What is Ricky Gervais's occupation in Ghost Town? Dentist

What kind of cute animal was Curious George? A chimpanzee

What type of animal was Lassie? Dog

What was the first anime feature film to win the Oscar for Best Animated Film? Spirited Away

What was the last completed film of legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock? Family Plot

What was the name of Roger's wife in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Jessica

What was the name of the 1994 film about the first player to be inducted into Baseball's 'Hall of Fame'? Cobb

What was the name of the sloth in the film Ice Ace: The Meltdown? Sid

What was the title of the first Bond novel Ian Fleming ever wrote? Casino Royale

When did Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone hit the big screen? 2001

When did the influential sitcom The Simpsons premiere on American TV? 1987

Where did a bickering couple, played by Jennifer Aniston, and Vince Vaughn own a trendy condo in The Break-Up? Chicago (Far left answer, lake above dot)

Where did a girl called Sophie live on an island in the musical film Mamma Mia? Greece (Bottom Right Answer)

Where did Christopher Ecclestone run a military camp for uninfected Survivors in 28 Days Later? Manchester (Top Left Answer)

Where did Elektra King own an oil pipeline in the Bond film The World Is Not Enough?
Azerbaijan (Far Left answer)

Where did Harry Potter board the Hogwarts Express from Platform 9¾ in the film Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone? London (Bottom answer)

Where did Mark Wahlburg and his cronies try to pull off the heist of their lives in The Italian Job? Los Angeles (Bottom Left answer)

Where did Scarlet Johansson catch Colin Firth's artistic eye in Girl With A Pearl Earring? Netherlands (Top Right Answer)

Where did Tom Cruise attempt to infiltrate The American Embassy in Mission: Impossible? Prague (Top Right Answer)

Where did Tom Cruise play a bad guy called Vincent in Collateral? Los Angeles (Bottom Left Answer)

Where does James Bond actress Eva Green come from? France (Bottom Left answer)

Where in New York does James Bond first meet Kananga's henchmen? Harlem

Where was The Matrix filmed in a land down under in 1999? Sydney (Second answer from the right)

Where were Alex the lion, Gloria the hippo, Marty the zebra, and Melman the giraffe shipwrecked in 2004? Madagascar (Answer SE of Africa's Coast)

Which 2008 file gave comedian Ricky Gervais his first leading role in a movie? Ghost Town

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Which author created a fictional spy named Jason Bourne? Robert Ludlum

Which ballykissangel actor's first lead role in a feature film was in the 2001 movie Lucky Break? James Nesbitt

Which children's stories tell the adventures of Piglet, Eeyore, Owl and Tigger? Winnie-the-Pooh

Which children's favourite wrote about how The Grinch Stole Christmas!? Doctor Seuss

Which city did Elektra King plan to destroy in The World Is Not Enough? Istanbul

Which fantasy author created the world of Middle Earth? J.R.R. Tolkien

Which film about genetically modified sheep was subtitled "Get ready for the violence of the lambs"? Black Sheep

Which film equalled Ben Hur's eleven Oscars at the 1998 Academy Awards? Titanic

Which film made Julia Roberts a household name in 1990? Pretty Woman

Which film's soundtrack was the best selling abum in the U.S. in 2006? High School Musical

Which green rock removes Superman's super hero powers? Kryptonite

Which historical action drama had the line "Then we will fight in the shade"? 300

Which James Bond actor got married on-screen? George Lazenby

Which monarch did Dame Judi Dench portray in Shakespeare In Love? Elizabeth I

Which notorious outlaw did the coward Robert Ford assassinate in the 2007 film? Jesse James

Which novel by Robert Harris featured a neurotic mathmatician named Tom Jericho? Enigma

Which of these is not a film about boxing? Cool Runnings

Which of these was not a Space Chimp? Pumpkin

Which star of television's The Office appears as Arthur Dent in A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy? Martin Freeman

Which wartime classic coined the phrase 'Round up the usual suspects'? Casablanca

Who directed the 1982 movie Gandhi, which won 8 Oscars? Richard Attenborough

Who inherited Sauron's ring from Bilbo Baggins in The Lord Of The Rings? Frodo

Who supplied the voice for Doc Hudson in the 2006 film Cars? Paul Newman

Who was always late in the film Alice in Wonderland? The White Rabbit

Who was the author of the Sci-fi classic Journey To The Center Of The Earth? Jules Verne

Who was the first actor to break the $20 million salary barrier? Jim Carrey

Who wrote the classic horror tale The Shining? Stephen King

Who wrote the classic horror novel The Stepford Wives? Ira Levin

Who wrote the historical fiction nvel The Other Boleyn Girl? Phillipa Gregory

Who wrote the novel Atonement, which was made into a major studio film in 2007? Ian McEwan

Who wrote the novel which is the basis for the 2008 film Brideshead Revisited? Evelyn Waugh

Who voiced the koala called Nigel in the film The Wild? Eddie Izzard

Winner of the Best Actor Oscar in 2008, where does Javier Bardem come from? Spain (Bottom Left Answer)

Upon which sporting event was the 1981 film Chariots of Fire based? The Olympic Games

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The third space saver of my trifecta.

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Seeing how big this is, a fourth space saver couldn't hurt.

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sorry, i dont have enough time to get the whole question typed but the guys last name is going to be anyones search term when looking for the question, so until someone can re-write it better this will get people the answer....

What does Michael Endler, a camera man do with some of his father, Gerald Endlers ashes (movie:Deja Vu)

AnsweR: Blew them up in Deja Vu

again, not the exact wording, but very close and the last name should give it away

What unusual weapon is used in the big lebowski? a cricket bat

04-10-2009, 05:07 AM
In Almost Famous what city did they drive to buy tickets? Houston TX

In the film Serenity why was there crates labeled "DO NOT DESTROY
REUSABLE"? The TV set for the series was destroyed

What state is the setting for the mall from Mallrats? New Jersey

That's my two cents for now. Maybe I'll get some more wrong and feel assertive.

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What technology did Prof. Higgins use extensively in training Eliza Dolittle's accent in My Fair Lady? Phonograph

Where does the film Antonia's Line take place? The Netherlands

What aspect of Parminder Nagra's life was worked into the script for Bend It Like Beckham? Scar on her leg

Where is the film Miracle At St. Anna set? Italy

Which character moves back and forth through time in The Butterfly Effect? Evan

Where are the stranded rugby players from in the 1993 cannibalism tinged movie Alive? Uruguay

Who is the main villian in Spider-Man 2? Dr. Octupus

Where does Edward Eldric end up being transported to in Fullmetal Alchemist The Conqueror of Shambaylah? Munich, Germany

What state was the setting for the 1999 horror classic The Blair Witch Project? Maryland

04-10-2009, 05:15 PM
Where did the title of Snakes On A Plane come from? After-work bad title contest

What's the first black-and-white film to be nominated for the academy award for Best Picture since The Elephant Man? Good Night, and Good Luck

04-10-2009, 11:29 PM
What is the name of the protagonist in the Studio Ghibli film "Howl's Moving Castle"? Sophie

04-13-2009, 08:43 PM
Q: What famous Chinese Novel does the film The Forbidden Kingdom use as a background?
A: Journey to the West
Q: What eBay auction item is visible on Warlock’s computer screen in the fourth Die Hard film?
A: Boba Fett
Q: What is the title of the fourth Die Hard film?
A: Live Free or Die Hard
Q: Where did the film 12 Monkeys get its title?
A: An Oz book
Q: What game was featured in the famous 1961 film The Hustler?
A: Pool
Q: What state is the setting for the film Fargo?
A: North Dakota

04-13-2009, 09:01 PM
Q: What script reportedly caused Sigourney Weaver to have nightmares two weeks after reading it?
A: The Village
Q: Why does Andrew Beckett need a lawyer in the film Philadelphia?
A: Unlawful Firing
Q: What scene in The Ring 2 was replicated in real life on set during filming?
A: The Deer Attack
Q: (This is a map question) What island does the action of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl begin on?
A: Bottom Left Dot
Q: Where did Peter flee after his devastating break up in Forgetting Sarah Marshall?
A: Hawaii
Q: What was the first Disney film to feature a character with flatulence?
A: The Lion King
Q: What UK television show has a brief homage in The Truman Show, via a background of red awnings?
A: The Prisoner
Q: What thing does a computer virus do in the fourth Die Hard film?
A: Explode Computers
Q: What Mae West film has her famous line “Why don’t you come up and see me some time?”
A: She Done Wrong

04-16-2009, 12:20 AM
What did Internet fans of Godzilla call the despised American Godzilla in the 1998 US remake? GINO

Where did Harold and Kumar 'escape from' in their 2008 movie? Guantanamo Bay

What State aren't we in anymore, Toto? Kansas

Where was HAL-9000 built in the iconic film 2001: A Space Odessy? Urbana IL

What was the group of costume artists' trailers called during the filming of the film Batman Begins? Cape Town

04-16-2009, 02:15 AM
Who plays the title character in Unleased? Jet Li

What is John Nash's health issue in A Beautiful Mind? Schizophrenia

What was the first James Bond film to be approved by Chinese sensors? Casino Royale

Who are the characters in After Life? Newly Dead

Why was the Disney film in The Lion King changed from the original title The King of the Jungle? Lions Don't live in the Jungle.

Who plays the younger brother of the estranged Family in Khabi Knushi Khobie Gham? Hrithik Roshan

What state were the exterior shots of the Overlook hotel filmed in for the 1980 horror film The Shining? Oregon

What novel ties the lives of the characters together in the film The hours? Mrs Dalloway

What country is the setting for the 1959 post-apocalypitc Gregory Peck classic On the Beach? Australia

What is the central plot device for the movie Deja Vu? Time Travel

What city does Tom Hanks widowed architect move from in the 1993 romance Sleepless in Seattle? Chicago IL

What Philly Easles coach is depicted in the Invinceable movie? Dick Vermeil

What famous puzzle is demonstrated by Proffesor Rosain in the film 21? Monty Hall Problem

Who played the lead role in the 2000 musical Dancer in the Dark? Bjork

04-16-2009, 02:17 AM
What classic Shakespeare play in the film Omkara an adaption of? Othello

What does the title character do at the beginning of Good Well Hunting? He is a Janitor

Where in LA does the movie Collateral begin? LA Airport

What band was featured in the Isreal Film Bikur Ha-Tizmoret? Alexandria Police Orchestra

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Can I make a suggestion to Classy... is there any way you can put them into their categories??? That way the question and answer your looking for will be easier and faster to search out seeing how the game doesn't let you pause in the middle of a question. I know you mention that your info was compiled by someone else, so I can understand if it's undo-able.

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Q. In Halloween, What was the name of the fictional town where Michael Myers stalked his victims??
A. Haddonfield

Q. Who was the legendary Greek warrior played by Brad Pitt in Troy?
A. Achilles

Q. The 1998 film Up 'n Under deals with an amateur team playing a 'Sevens' version of which sport??
A. Rugby League

Q. In what year did the luxury liner Titanic sink on its maiden votage to New York
A. 1912

Q.Famous for playing Harry Potter's gal pal Hermione Granger, actress Emma Watson was born in which city??
A. Paris (The only one in France.. The kinda middle one?? Not the one of the left, right or at the bottom :P)

Q. When did John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John atttend Rydell High in Grease?
A. 1950's (58 to be precise)

Q. Which winemaking region of France was the setting for Ridley Scott's film 'A Good Year'?
A. Provence

Q. In the 2008 film, 'Cloverfield', a creature attacks which city?
A. New York

Q. Sidney Young came to America from which country in 'How to lose Friends & Alienate people?
A.England ( Top left option)

Q. Where would you visit histoic Bolvoir Castle, used as the Pope's summer residence Castel Gandolfo in 'The Da Vinci Code'?
A. Leistershire (Second from bottom option)

Q. Which book followed 'The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe in The Chronicles Of Narnia
A. Prince Caspian

Q. In which famous city was 22 Bleecker Restaurant located in the 2007 romantic comedy 'No Reservations?
A. New York

Q. Where did Hollywood Stars Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes tie the knot, November 2006?
A. Bracciano, Italy. (Bottom Right answer)

Q. The 2002 film Men with Brooms, starring Paul Gross and Leslie Nielson, deals with which sport?
A. Curling

05-13-2009, 11:04 PM
i found one they got wrong!!!! the question is, where is the bottling plant ed norton's hulk worked at? if you search online you'll find it's brazil, but the answer is mexico in the game. i know my geography sucks, but i'm pretty sure brazil isn't mexico....?

05-22-2009, 05:02 PM
Who does Shilpa Shetty play in Phir Milenge [Aids patient]
Who is the chocolate pusher in Chocolat [Vianne]
Who directed the Piano [Jane Campion]
What puzzle does Will smith solve in the pursuit of happyness [Rubiks Cube]
What is the doom in Doomsday (2008)? [Virus]
Who said Game over man, Game over [Hudson]
Who played the first Ghost in Chinese Ghost Story? [Joey Wong]
Who said "I am exhausted from living up to your expectations of me" [Jareth]
Who played the lead in Once Upon a Time in China [Jet Li]
What did Tristar complain about the movie Philadelphia [Not wanting to hire someone with HIV/AIDS]
Where is the Sixth Sense set? [Philadelphia]
Villain in Serenity? [Reavers]
Who played Princess Raccoon in Princess Raccoon? [Zhang Ziyi]
Grovers Corners is a reference to [Our Town]
What robot dog is in the antique robot store in I Robot [Sony AIBO]
In the movie Happy Together where do the couple travel too? [Buenos Aires]
What does Will Smith waste the family fortune on investing in Pursuit of Happyness? [Bone density scanners]
Who does Jet Li play in The One? [Hero and Villain]
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang chapters named after [Chandler Novels]
Where does Babel begin? [Morocco]
Who is Priscilla in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert [Bus]
Matt Damon punches "1138" on a elevator keypad reference to [George Lucas Film]

Pedle Zelnip
06-01-2009, 08:36 PM
Art and Literature (Purple):

Which character from a George Lucas film does NOT say the line I have a bad feeling about this? Padme Amidala
What does Tony Stark's Computer system JARVIS reference from the Avengers comic
book series in the Iron Man Film? A Butler
What film has the Mae West line "why don't you come up sometime and see me"? She Done Him Wrong

Sport and Leisure (Orange):

What "cover" does the folk hero Iron Monkey use in the film Iron Monkey? He is a doctor
What football team was featured in 1993's the Program? ESU Timberwolves
Which actor/actress in Shanghai noon is a real rodeo champion? Brandon Merrill
What sound is used for the target lock in Iron Man's Heads Up Display? original Space Invaders game
Where is the film The Sandlot set? Los Angeles (West coast)
What famous sporting event does madame Souza's grandson aspire to win in the triplets of bellville? Tour De France
What state team does Jerry Maguire's only remaining client play for? Arizona
What is the subject of the anime film Perfect Blue? Online stalker

History (Yellow):

What historical figure does the title Onmyoji refer to? - Abe no Seimei
What was the first foreign language film to open #1 at the US box office? Hero
What country submitted No man's land to the Oscars in 2001? Bosnia (leftmost)
Who was the first woman to win the prestigious Palme D'Or Filmaking award? Jane Campion
Where was the bridge set bridge on the river kwai? - Burma
Where does alexander's kingdom start in the 2004 film of the same name? Greece
Which of these films did Nelson Mandela appear in? Malcolm X
What American film is the russian movie 12 an adaptation of? 12 Angry Men
Who is the old warlord in Akira Kurosawa's Ran? Hidetora
What senator and batman fan plays a character role in the Dark Knight? Patrick Leahy
Which of these spike lee films is a documentary? 4 Little Girls
What country submitted Mongol to the academy awards in 2007? Kazakhstan (top left)
Who is the film la vie en rose about? Édith Piaf

Entertainment (Pink):

What movies extras during filming had an escaping robber give himself up to them thinking they were real police? Leon
What location is the Kirsten Dunst mockumentary Drop Dead Gorgeous chronicling a teen beauty pageant? Minnesota (top right)
Why is the engagement long in a very long engagement? - Fiance missing in battle
Which of the following is true about the film Paris, je t'aime? Collection of shorts
Which of these things is true of the film Om Shanti Om? All of these

Science and Nature (Green):

What was the name of Will Smith's canine co-star in I Am Legend? Abbey
How did the main character in Krrish get his super powers? Inherited from father
What science fiction element occurs in the piano? possible telepathy
What city does Godzilla regularly destroy? Tokyo (bottom right)

Geography (blue):

Where was the horror film Zodiac set? San Francisco (west coast marker)
Where was the film Sucker Free City set? San Francisco (west coast marker)
Where is the film Tsotsi (Thugs) set? Johannesburg, South Africa
What US state was the setting of Brokeback Mountain? Wyoming
What does the title of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon imply in terms of chinese proverbs? Hiding One's Strength
Where does victor have to go after accidentally marrying the corpse bride? Land of the Dead
What state is the setting for the Robert Redford film The Milagro Beanfield War? New Mexico (most southern)

Unknown colour (didn't make a note of what colour):

What scene in Persepolis has the background music Eye of the Tiger? Marjane's Renewal

Great thread.

Edit: here's a bunch more, can't be bothered to sort them up with the others:

Blue - What area of New York City is the setting of Rent? East Village
Blue - What city does krrish go to to find priya in the film krrish? Singapore
Blue - What city is the home of the killer purused by Clarice Starling in the Silence of the Lambs? Calumet City, IL
Blue - What is the only Woody Allen film to make a profit in the United States after Hannah and Her Sisters? Match Point
Blue - Where are all the interconnected stories in Love, Actually set? England (top left)
Blue - Where do the 3 homeless unlikely godfathers find supplies to feed the abandoned baby in Tokyo Godfathers? A graveyard
Blue - Where does Manuela go following the death of her son in All About My Mother? Barcelona (rightmost)
Blue - Where does the former assassin live (and most of the action take place) in Man on Fire? Mexico City (middle)
Blue - Where is room A-113, a reference made in every Pixar film? A CalArts classroom
Blue - Where is the film Trainspotting set? Edinburgh, Scotland
Blue - Where was the film Hancock primarily set? Los Angeles (west coast)
Blue - Where was the Illusionist primarily filmed? Czech Republic
Blue - Where was the real life case the film Dare mo Shiranai based upon? Tokyo
Blue - Where was the real life case the film dare mo shiranai was based on? Tokyo
Green - What ability does the box give Joker/Monkey in Chinese Odyssey Pandora's Box? Time Travel
Green - What anatomical peculiarity does popular Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan have? Two Thumbs on right hand
Green - What animal shows up as a spirit bus in the Studio Ghibli film My neighbour totoro? Cat
Green - What do Chihiro's parents turn into in the bigining of the film Spirited Away? Pigs
Green - What do the scientists need to do in the movie sunshine? reignite the sun
Green - What does a gangster pretend to be in the popular bollywood comedy Munnabhai M.B.B.S? A Doctor
Green - What does Dr. Arya possess that Krrish must try to keep him from using for evil in the film Krrish? A future predicting computer
Green - What is the ultimate crime in the film Equilibrium? Emotion
Green - What psychological problem is explored in the movie in the Valley of Elah? PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
Green - What south american country is the origin of the crystal skull in the 4th Indiana Jones movie? Peru (most northern)
Green - What unexpected fallout occured whil filming an explosion at battersea power station for the dark knight? People thought it was real
Green - WHere is the stargate originally found in the 1994 film stargate? Egypt(top of Africa)
Green - Which of these zombie movies features zombaid? Shaun of the Dead
Green - Who says the line "I have been, and always will be your friend", in Star Trek 2? Spock
Orange - What college basketball team is featured in the film glory road? Texas Western College (bottom left)
Orange - What college must Jake convince his son to attend in order to get parole in He Got Game? Big State
Orange - What does Skinner drive in the Ratatouille film? Facel Vega HK 500
Orange - What does the title of the film Little Miss Sunshine refer to? Child Beauty Pageant
Orange - What film is All For The Winner a parody of? God of Gamblers
Orange - What olympic sport is the focus of chariots of fire? Running
Orange - What unusual performance does the onmyoji do at the climactic end of the film onmyoji 2? Shrine Maiden Dance
Orange - Where does Chon Wang find the missing Princess Pei Pei in the Jackie Chan western Shanghai Noon? Carson City (top left)
Orange - Where was the car racing movie Speed Racer filmed? Berlin (top middle)
Orange - Which of these things did Tom Cruise to to prepare for his role in Collateral? Made public FedEx deliveries
Orange - Who directed Shaolin Soccer? Stephen Chow
Orange - Who play shte main role in Tasogare Seibei? Hiroyuki Sanada
Orange - Who played the God of Gamblers (Du shen) in the film of the same name? Chow Yun Fat
Pink - In Shrek 2 what is the Giant Gingerbread Man's last line a reference to? E.T.
Pink - Something about a younger brother in Khabi Khushi Khabie Gham - Hrithik Roshan
Pink - What 70's TV series is referenced by the only coherent thing said by the pill bugs in A Bug's Life? Partridge Family
Pink - What country is Ingmar Bergman from? Sweden (top middle)
Pink - What is Ofelia looking for in Pan's Labyrinth? Her Real Father
Pink - What is unusual about the music in Y tu mamá también? It is all In-Scene
Pink - What mishap occured to one of the camera lenses while filming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Fell into a vat of chocolate
Pink - What profession is Amelie in the film of the same name? Waitress
Pink - What prop from the 1st superman movie is used in superman returns? Martha's Truck
Pink - What references to other movies can you find somewhere in all four indiana jones films? R2-D2, C3PO, ...
Pink - What U.S. city does Risky Business, the film that brought Tom Cruise to stardom, take place in? Chicago (far right)
Pink - Where does the film Lillies Of The Field take place? Arizona (southernmost)
Pink - Which of the following happens to Shahrukh Khan's character in veer-zaara? Wrongfully Imprisoned
Pink - Who directed Antonia's Line? Marleen Gorris
Pink - Who gets married in Addams family values? Uncle Fester

Pedle Zelnip
06-03-2009, 06:15 AM
Hit the char limit in my last post so here's more:

Purple - In the Brothers Grimm, what do the brothers do for a living? Swindle/Con Villagers
Purple - What classic shakespeare play is the film Omkara an adaptaion of? Othello
Purple - What familiar soundtrack is worked into the music of the third harry potter movie during the snake boggart scene? Raiders of the Lost Ark
Purple - What film gives tim robbins the line "Get Busy Livin, or get busy dyin"? Shawshank Redemption
Purple - What film had the line "carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary" - Dead Poets Society
Purple - What movie does the famous line "I'm king of the world!" come from? Titanic
Purple - What poster hangs above Evan's dorm room in Butterfly Effect? Sleep, Salvador Dali
Purple - What Shakespearean actor played Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? Kenneth Branagh
Purple - Where does the search for ancient text take place in the new age themed movie the Celestine Prophecy? Peru (upper left)
Purple - Which of the sets of the fifth Harry Potter film was entirely CGI? The Hall of prophecies
Purple - Which of these Mira Nair films features the famous literary protagonist Becky Sharp? Vanity Fair
Purple - Why did richard Harris take the role of dumbledore in the first harry potter film? Granddaughter insisted
Yellow - What city is the setting for the Orlando Bloom movie Kingdom of Heaven? Jerusalem (bottom right)
Yellow - What country's revolution is the setting for the 1981 Warren Beatty film Reds? Russia (top right)
Yellow - What does the title the last king of scotland refer to? title Ami favoured
Yellow - What george lucas reference appears in Munich? American Graffiti Poster
Yellow - What historical figure became an unolikely action hero in fullmetal alchemist: the conqueror of shambala? Fritz Lang
Yellow - What is the film Centre Stage about? Actress Ruan Ling-Yu
Yellow - What is the main conflict in the film Earth (1998)? The division of India
Yellow - What is the name of Spike Lee's Production company? 40 Acres and a mule filmworks
Yellow - What is the only animated film to win the best animated movie award that is traditionally animated? Spirited Away
Yellow - What is the setting for Farewell my concubine? Beijing Opera
Yellow - What present day US state is the setting for the Mask of Zorro? California (most western state)
Yellow - Where does the main character, a texas congressman, attempt to provide aid in Charlie Wilson's War? Afghanistan (rightmost)
Yellow - Where does the title Farewell my Concubine come from? Opera of the same name
Yellow - Who is the movie Walk the Line about? Johnny Cash
Yellow - Who or what was journalist Edward Murrow working against in the film good night, and good luck? Joeseph McCarthy
Yellow - Who plays Harvey Milk in the film Milk? Sean Penn
Unknown - What line from the fly is repeated to Jeff goldblums character in Jurassic Park? Something went wrong

06-15-2009, 08:20 PM
What does one of the prisoners keep as a pet in The Shawshank Redemption? Crow

What city are they driving to in order to buying Aerosmith tickets in the film Dazed and Confused? Texas (bottom)

Who directed Schindler's List? Steven Spielberg

What artist's works are often seen in the background in Children of Men? Banksy

What kind of laboratory does Peter's class take a field trip to in the first Spider-Man movie? Genetics

Which if the characters from Kill Bill, Vol. 2 appears in kung fu films made by other directors and studios? Pai Mei

06-16-2009, 02:16 AM
am i playing a different game or something? i have searched for 10 questions and not one has been on here ........ whats up with that? i would have added them but i was too concerned with finding the answer using search engines anymore ill find ill add i guess.

06-17-2009, 07:54 PM
am i playing a different game or something? i have searched for 10 questions and not one has been on here ........ whats up with that? i would have added them but i was too concerned with finding the answer using search engines anymore ill find ill add i guess.

Tell me about it. Only two answers have been on here to use for me. I know it says not complete but hardly anything has been on here.

06-18-2009, 05:49 PM
Did this in a rush while playing:

Kabhi Alvida Noa Kehna set?
America (New York City)

Detective Del Spooner in I, Robot?
Will Smith

Carpe Diem, Seize the Day boys!
Dead poets society

On the beach?

Bottom Right

I Am Legend canine name?

Spirited away relaxing place?
A bath house

Ziyi shang play in house of flying daggers?
A blind dancer

Kill bill vol. 2?
(I missed what the answer was but the answer was the top one)

In bruges?
Middle top

Casino Royale in Venice?
Yacht on the Grand Canal

ABBA from which country?
Farthest right

Who does Lex Luthor quote in Superman Returns?
Arthur C. Clarke

Krrish must try to keep from using?
A future predicting computer

Hana in englis patient?
Julliete binoushshs

Amelie in the film?
A waitress

Singing cameo by Snoop Dog?
Singh is kinghh

Along came a spider?
James Patterson

Shaolin soccer?
Stephen chow

The hustler?

Gandalf ad-libbed?
Hitting his head in a beam

Antique robot store in I, Robot?

Good night, you princes of Maine, you Kings on New England?
The Cider House Rules

Star trek kirk without spock?
Star trek: generations

Best actor in 1998?
Life is beautiful

Most fruitful yuki

State present for The Mask of Zorro?
Farthest left

Ingmar bergman?

The Dark Knight unexpected fallout?
People thought it was real

Native Americans last of the Mohicans?

North Dakota

Quentin crisp

Ingmar bergman’s film setting?
(Missed it ughhhh)

Will smith pursuit of happiness?
Rubiks cube

Huozhe set in?

Actors did not been soldiers

Howl’s moving castle?

Monkey shiver in pirtaes?
A vibrating plate

Mamma mia?
Farthest right

Jo march in 1994 adaption of Little Women?
Winona ryder

Subtitles for Pan’s Labyrinth?
Guilermo del toror

Shooting gallery?

Black sheep rampage?
Bottom right

Talladega nights?
Lowest one in Europe

East Village


The Elephant man?
Good Night and Good Luck

Erin Brockovich?
Illegal Production

Grover’s corner albert?
Thomton Wilder Our Town

A Bug’s Life?
Partidge Family

Harvery milk?
Sean Penn

07-06-2009, 10:54 PM
The questions are extremely shortened, along with the answer but you can still distinguish them if you have the question in front of you. Some questions repeat from previous posts but I didnt sort which ones are repeats.

(Orange) - Fortunetelling Escaflowne? Tarot
(Orange) - Despised Godzilla '98 Title? GINO
(Orange) - Who played Jai Kuen II? Jackie Chan (Orange) - Chon Wang location? Map = Far Left Top Dot
(Orange) - All for the Winner? God Of Gambler
(Orange) - Glory Road location? Map = Bottom Left Dot
(Orange) - Dont Drive like Bro? "Car Talk"
(Orange) - Iron Man head's up? Original Space Invaders
(Orange) - Shaolin Soccer Team? Team Evil
(Orange) - Kung Fu Hustle? Landlady
(Orange) - Jumper is about? Teleportation
(Orange) - Ashes of Time? She Plays Siblings
(Orange) - Center Place? A Bath House
(Orange) - Bugs Bunny & Michael Jordon? Space Jam
(Orange) - "No crying in ...." quote? A League Of Their Own
(Orange) - Jessminder? Football/Soccer
(Orange) - Sideways location? Map = Far Bottom Left Corner Dot
(Orange) - Ebay collectible? Boba Fett Action Figure
(Orange) - What real feature was in Bend It Like Beckham? Scar on Her Leg
(Orange) - Cinderella Man location? Map = Far Right Top Corner (N.Y.)
(Orange) - Big Lebowski is about what? Bowling
(Orange) - Catch Me If You Can is about? Extensive Fraud
(Orange) - Director of Shaolin Soccer? Stephen Chow
(Orange) - Birdcage location? Map = Bottom Right Dot
(Orange) - Occupation of the Fargo husband? Wildlife Painter
(Orange) - University that imitated the Eye of Sauron? Center Top Dot (under the lake on map)
(Orange) - Perfect Blue involves? Online Stalker
(Orange) - What activity was not shown in Hot Fuzz but really is done? Paperwork

(Yellow) - Erin Brokavich is about? Illegal Polution
(Yellow) - Once Upon a Time in China? Victorian
(Yellow) - Japan Blind Swordsman? Zatoichi
(Yellow) - Hitchcock film/Flight Plan? Lady Vanishes
(Yellow) - What movie involves Internal Affairs? The Departed
(Yellow) - Last King of Scotland is about? Title Idi
(Yellow) - Why is there Malcolm X footage in black and white? Footage of real Malcolm X
(Yellow) - Director of Schindler's List? Steven Spielberg
(Yellow) - What senator in Batman? Patrick Leahy
(Yellow) - Det Sjunde Inseglet? Black Plague
(Yellow) - Who was supposed to be in Grease? Marie Osmond
(Yellow) - Movie in Bollywood that was remade 3 x's? Devdos
(Yellow) - #1 U.S. Foreign Box Hit? Hero
(Yellow) - No Man's Land location? Map = Far Bottom Land
(Yellow) - Munich is about? 1972 Munich Olympics

07-07-2009, 12:27 AM
The questions are extremely shortened, along with the answer but you can still distinguish them if you have the question in front of you. Some questions repeat from previous posts but I didnt sort which ones are repeats.

(PinK) - The movie Enchanted location? Map = The top right corner (N.Y.)
(Pink) - Major Ram Prasad? Young Brother
(Pink) - Chinese Ghost Story? Tree Devil
(Pink) - "Reusable Container" label? TV Series Set Destroyed
(Pink) - Lilo & Stitch worker's name? Cobra Bubbles
(Pink) - V for Vendetta hum tune? Girl from Impanema
(Pink) - Best Foreign Film? Life Is Beautiful
(Pink) - Lost In Translation locale? Map = Farthest right dot
(Pink) - Jet Li's role in The One? Hero and Villian
(Pink) - Kill Bill 2 unique intro? Black and White
(Pink) - Film footage ruined by airport X-Ray? Monsoon Wedding
(Pink) - The Wire? Michael K. Williams
(Pink) - Michael Endlar do with item? Blew them up in Deja Vu
(Pink) - Movie extras? Leon
(Pink) - Frazone? Die Hard
(Pink) - Movie John Malkovich refused to do for 2 yrs? Being John Malkovich
(Pink) - Shilpshetty - An AIDs patient
(Pink) - 1970's TV show? The Partridge Family
(Pink) - Khabi Khushi? Hrithnik
(Pink) - Miami Vice theme? In the Air Tonight
(Pink) - Other nominated that was black and white after Elephant Man? Good Night & Good Luck
(Pink) - The "extras"? Fake horror movie
(Pink) - Who was captured in The Incredibles? Mr. Incredible
(Pink) - Connection in Babel? A Rifle
(Pink) - Deja Vu them? Time Travel
(Pink) - Indiana Jones references? R2D2, C3PO, etc
(Pink) - 1138? George Lucas movie
(Pink) - Qui Jo Do? Seeks Justice From Bureaucrats
(Pink) - Real life event in Brokeback Mountain? 2 Herds of Sheep
(Pink) - Millenium Actress about? A doc. of Actress
(Pink) - Om Shanti Om? All Of These
(Pink) - Title for Snakes on A PLane? After Work Bad Title Contest
(Pink) - Singing in The Rain? Map = Far Left Dot (In California)
(Pink) - Devil Wears Prada event? Unpublished Harry Potter Book
(Pink) - Drop Dead Gorgeous State? Map = 2nd Dot in From the Right
(Pink) - 12 yr. old Matilde? An assassin

(Purple) - My precious quote? Two Towers
(Purple) - "I have a bad feeling about this...?" Padme
(Purple) - Along Came A Spider by who? James Patterson
(Purple) - What is true about Thank You for Not Smoking? No One Smokes On Screen
(Purple) - The Hours based off what? Mrs/ Dalloway
(Purple) - "I'm king of the world...?" Titanic
(Purple) - Quote from Wargames, who said it? Joshua
(Purple) - ZombieAid is in what movie? Shaun of the Dead
(Purple) - "I See Dead People?" Sixth Sense
(Purple) - "I'm just an actor, not an emporer?" Farewell My Concubine
(Purple) - Why did actor play Dumbledore? Granddaughter Insisted
(Purple) - Painting in Butterfly effect? Sleep, Salvador Dali
(Purple) - 3:10 to Yuma genre? Western
(Purple) - Grovers Corners? Thornton Wilder
(Purple) - "Game over Man..." quote? Hudson
(Purple) - Book visible in Harry Potter? D & D Encyclopedia
(Purple) - Daniel Radcliff? Cellphone to Turkish
(Purple) - Finding Neverland location? Map = Most bottom Dot
(Purple) - Arthur Dent? Martin Freeman
(Purple) - Children of Man? Mommie Dearest
(Purple) - "I'm going to make an offer.." quote? The Godfather
(Purple) - Harry Potter scene mixed with CGI? Hall of Prophecies
(Purple) - "Face It Girls...." quote? Fried Green Tomatoes
(Purple) - Watership Down loaction? Map = Top Center Dot
(Purple) - Ladyhawke? Imperius
(Purple) - Phrophets Dont know everything? Kira
(Purple) - Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind? Alexander Pope Poem

*Random answers for purple question, didnt note the question down*
1) Apollo 13 2) Remember Cedric Diggory

(Green) - Ghost In a Shell? Innocence
(Green) - Disney movie with flatulence? Lion King
(Green) - The Fly & Jurassic Park quote? "Something Went Wrong"
(Green) - Porfessor Higgins? Phonograph
(Green) - Monkey? A Vibrating PLate
(Green) - Black Sheep Country? Map = Far Bottom Right Corner Dot
(Green) - Beautiful Mind, John Nash disease? Schizophrenia
(Green) - V For Vendetta tanks? Security As They Are Real
(Green) - Voice for T-1000 in Terminator? James Cameron
(Green) - Cloverfield location? Map = Far Top Right Corner (N.Y.)
(Green) - In the Valley of Elah disease? PTSD
(Green) - Simpson's movie about? Polluted Lake
(Green) - Who was the possible director of A.I.? Stanley Kubrick
(Green) - Serenity movie? PPG on the floor
(Green) - Face/Off story? Face Switch
(Green) - Not ability on Batmobile on Dark Knight? Go underwater
(Green) - Spaceship's name in Sunshine? Icarus
(Green) - Hancock visits where? The Moon
(Green) - March of the Penguins? Map = The very Bottom Dot on map
(Green) - Bruce Banner lab incident? Gamma
(Green) - Wrath of Khan, "always be your friend?" Spock
(Green) - Science of sleep character girl? Stephanie
(Green) - Lake Placid location? Map = Far Top Right Dot
(Green) - The Host location? Map = Far Top Right Dot
(Green) - Dr. Arya Krrish? Future Predicting Computer
(Green) - What animal is Sid in Ice Age? Sloth
(Green) - Ability of joker/monkey? Time Travel
(Green) - George Lucas Cameo? General's cough
(Green) - Wallace & Gromit? Anit-Pesto
(Green) - Last movie on VHS? A History of Violence
(Green) - Who controls the clones in Star Wars? The Jedi
*Random answers for green question, didnt note the question down*
1) An invented language 2) A lottery

(Blue) - Yentl location? Map = Very top dot
(Blue) - American Graffitti location? Map = Farthest Left Dot
(Blue) - Sally Field and daughter moved where? Map = Top Right Dot
(Blue) - Hot Fuzz location? Map = Bottom Dot
(Blue) - Street Kings location? Map = Far Left Dot
(Blue) - What is Room A-113? CalArts Classroom
(Blue) - What privilege was in Casino Royale? Yacht in Canal
(Blue) - Crystal Skull location? USSR
(Blue) - Brokeback Mountain State? Wyoming
(Blue) - Island of Lilo & Stitch? Hawaii
(Blue) - Where does Red meet Andy in Shawshank Rdemption? Coast of Mexico
(Blue) - Nightmare before Christmas town name? Halloween Town
(Blue) - Taxi driver/Mon Meillur? Paris, France
(Blue) - Blair witch location? Map = 2nd Dot Down From the Top
(Blue) - Pizzeria's name? Sal's
(Blue) - G.I. Blues location? Map = Very Top Dot
(Blue) - Unbreakable location? Map = Far Right Top Dot
(Blue) - Penelope cruz character location? Map = Bottom Left Dot (South America)
(Blue) - Tsotsi? Johannesburg, South Africa
(Blue) - Bridget Jones Location? London
(Blue) - Collateral location? Los Angeles Airport
(Blue) - Happy Together location? Buenos Aires
(Blue) - Produced Pans Labrynth? Guillermo Del Torro
(Blue) - Oldboy location? Map = 2nd Dot in from the Right
(Blue) - National Treasure location? Map = 2nd to the Top Dot, right below Top Dot
(Blue) - Godfather, 3 homeless? A graveyard
(Blue) - Movie denied in Thailand? Anna & the King
(Blue) - My Fairlady? Ascot Raceshow
(Blue) - Manuela location? Map = Far Right Dot
(Blue) - Mamma Mia location? Map = Bottom Right Dot
(Blue) - The campus of 21? Boston University
(Blue) - Home of the Giants? Indiana
(Blue) - Bikur Ha? Alexandria Poilce
(Blue) - Where was Flightplan flying from? Berlin
(Blue) - Highlander location? Map = Bottom Right Dot

07-14-2009, 01:45 AM
good guide thanks.

07-14-2009, 11:45 AM
While playing through this, I'd write down ones that were not in this list. They are separated by type (regular questions, map questions, slider questions, T/F questions).

Gattaca Title - DNA
Deepa Mehta Fire - Lesbian Relationship
Mulholland Drive - Hollywood Hills
Swordfish Title - The Film Horse Feathers
Disorder The Others - Photosensitivity
Cameo in Philadelphia - Quentin Crisp
Ugetsu 16th Century Japan - Kenji Mizoguchi
Central Plot Device Click - Remote Control
Memento Looking For - Wife's Killer
Characters In Bruges - Two Hit Men
True about The Bank Job - Based on a True Story
Denzel Washington 2001 Best Actor - Training Day
Ocean's 11 Plan - Rob Casinos
Policeman's Wife Dying Hana-Bi (Fireworks) - Leukemia
Disneyland Ride Jurassic Park - Pirates of the Caribbean
Stupid Accent History of the World Pt 1 - Madame DeFarge
City Wedding Banquet (Xi yan) - New York City
Breed of Dog Air Bud - Golden Retriever
Howl's Moving Castle - Diana Wynne Jones
Award in The Incredibles - Best Sound Editing (and Best Animated Feature Film)
Akira Kurosawa The Best - Ran
Original Director of AI: Artificial Intelligence - Stanley Kubrick
Philadelphia Eagles in Invincible - Dick Vermeil
Harrison's Ford The Fugitive - Chicago, IL
Director 10-year ban China - The Blue Kite
Collection for Shawshank Redemption - Different Seasons
Bruce Willis playing himself - Ocean's 12
Divine Language Fifth Element - An invented language
Bridget Jones lives - London
Orlando Bloom original part LOTR - Faramir
Ondskan (Evil) - Boarding School
Name to Chihiro in Spirited Away - Sen
Last Film Joel Siegel Good Morning America - Ocean's 13
Kill Bill, Vol 2 Co-writing Credit - Uma Thurman
William Miller Almost Famous - Hired by Rolling Stone
Mentors David Dunn Unbreakables - Mr. Glass
Mantis Back Kung Fu Panda - Longevity
2007 Bangkok Film Festival Iranian - Persepolis
V for Vendetta Mask - Guy Fawkes
Rupert Grint Alfonso Cuaron - Never Turned It In
Gene Kelly Singin in the Rain - 103 Fever
Camera run over by tank - Iron Man
If you are a God, you say Yes - Winston
Wrote Manga Speed Racer - Tatsuo Yoshida
Remake of German-language Austrian, same Director - Funny Games
Defeated Flying Snow, Broken Sword, Sky in Hero - Nameless
Love Me If You Dare Revolves around - A Game of Dares
Villain First Chinese Ghost Story reappears in Third - The Tree Devil
Real Footage Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith - Mt. Etna
Wallace and Gromit capture Rabbit - Hutch
Which line Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire - Remember Cedric Diggory
Maximus in Gladiator - Russell Crowe
What mishap Red Eye - Rachel MacAdams knocked out
Title Character Jui Juen II (Legend of the Drunken Master II) - Jackie Chan
Erin in Erin Brockovich? Waitress called Julia
The Island - A Lottery
PD James in Children of Men - Old Woman in Cafeteria
Taxation Lagaan - Cricket
Shrek Name Language - Yiddish
Profession Main Character Lonette McKee's Dream Street - Hip-Hop Producer/Writer

Date in Jumper? - Rome, Italy (Middle of Boot)
Toto? - Kansas
Team America Destroyed? - Paris, France
Hancock? - LA, CA
I, Robot? - Chicago (Top Left)
Bridge on the River Kwai? - Western Thailand (Bottom)
Doomsday? - Scotland (Top Center)
28 Days Later? - England (Top Middle)
Cabaret? - Berlin (Top Right)
Brad Pitt 7 Years in Tibet - Just above lowest (Austria)
Owens Witches Sandra Bullock Practical Magic - Sudbury, MA (Top Most)
State The Shining - Oregon (Top Left)
Lilies of the Field Sydney Poitier - Arizona (Bottom Left)
Ice Planet Hoth Empire Strikes Back - Norway (Top Right)
Miracle at St. Anna set - Italy (Middle)
Cops in Training Day - LA (Bottom Left)
Brokeback Mountain filmed - Alberta
Where Bollywood - India (Left Most)
Jessminder run off to Bend it like Beckham - Germany (2nd from Right)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Landing - Wyoming (Top)

What olympics Chariots of Fire - 1924
How many letters are in the city from which Titanic sailed? 11
March of Penguins US theatre run $$$? 77 million
How many years did Marie Antoinette span? 24
The Queen was set in? 1997
Anne Fletcher 2008 Dresses? 27
Dominoes in V for Vendetta? 22,000
Wonder Woman Full Length? 0
High School Musical year? 2006

Herbie: Fully Loaded - True
Herbie Takes the Lead - False
Silver buttons on Indiana Jones outfit - False
Bullwhip on Indiana Jones outfit - True

07-16-2009, 04:22 AM
thanks it helped .

07-23-2009, 03:35 PM
In hunger the dialogue between Micheal Fassbender and Liam Cunningham is how long? - 22 mins

samson the lion playing with his son - turtle shelling

whats the cows name that looks after the farm in barnyard? otis

07-25-2009, 10:06 AM
leather - top
anita mui
monsters inc - monstropolis
finding neverland - dustin
serenity - ppg
jarhead - marines
eternal - lacuna
horror scream - wilhelm scream
spike lee - 4 little
mood for - affair
qiu ju - justice
yu ji - concubine
villains - ussr
laments - de farge
swordsman - east is red
james carter - la
scotland located - middle
o brother - the odyssey
social movement - gandighiri
hans christian andersen - denmark , middle
life of others - surveillance
graffiti - surrender dorothy
sharks gang - right puerto rico
dasavatharam - bio-weapon
unleashed - jet li
milk - sf , far left
priscilla - rightmost
geisha - kyoto , middle
kill bill 2 ? - black and white
harry potter - anne
my left foot - ireland
wizard of oz - 3-strip technicolor
witness - a 2-a de sus in jos
where move the piano - new zealand
why so serious - san-diego comic-con 2007
historic chinese figure - mao zedong
dukes of hazzard - middle-right
eliza dolittle - racecourse
iron man cameo - stan lee
neon genesis evangelion set ? - tokyo-3
the mist adapted from ? - stephen king
what state is the location of jaws ? - massachusets

08-06-2009, 11:14 AM
mystic river = far right of map
george lucas cameo = general's coughing
where did chichiro met haru? = river
museum guggenheim = rio de jeneiro
screams in aliens = hudson

Jappe XBA
08-10-2009, 10:27 AM
What city is invaded in Empire of The Sun? Shanghai, China
Who turned down the leading role in the 1978 hit movie Grease on "moral grounds"? Marie Osmond
What famous character needed to "phone home"? E.T.

08-12-2009, 11:17 AM
Guides like this should never be posted,it takes more time looking at the guide, than it would be to google the answer, if you havent got the heart to try and make a guide DONT!, I havent thats why i dont make guides, but i do have the right to my opinion and mine is dont waste my precious gaming time with useless guides like this.

10-05-2009, 05:40 PM
It doesn't take more time to look at this guide than it does google. Google you have to search for the answer, this guide has it right there. Ever heard of ctrl + f? It's a find feature. If you typed in a popular part of the question, say, a name place or thing, then you'll find the question you're looking for. I can use this without pausing the game so far. There's been one question I had that isn't on here which is why i signed up ^.^

10-17-2009, 09:00 AM
Besides, google doesn't always have the answer. For example:

What famous quote from the Wizard of Oz was a famous graffiti in Washington DC?

Surrender Dorothy

10-22-2009, 06:14 AM

Ninja Kaspyr 83
12-03-2009, 11:05 PM
Where does Chihiro meet Haku originally.....? River

where was the last king of scotland set? Uganda (center of map to the right and bottom a lil bit)

what is the slang term for genre of horror films in Japan? J-horror

what city does the character robin williams play a night club owner in the movie Birdcage? Miami

what are the names of the characters that tim roth and amanda plummer play in Pulp Fiction? Pumpkin and Honey Bunny

where was th sci-fi film Deja Vu set and filmed? New Orleans

Ninja Kaspyr 83
12-03-2009, 11:06 PM
what european city is the musical Cabaret set in? Berlin (upper right - next to france)

which of these films paid $200,000 to offset their production "Carbon Costs"? The Day After Tomorrow

what must never be done in the movie ghostbutsers? cross the proton streams

what line in robin hood: men in tights, had to be extensively changed in the dubbed version? line about English Accent

where is the local, Corny collins show which tracy turnblad wants to dance for in
Hairspray? Baltimore (underneath the one furthsest to the right on east coast)

In 2001, what academy award did the movie Shrek, recieve? Best Animated feature

Ninja Kaspyr 83
12-03-2009, 11:07 PM
What does the title character do, in the movie Good Will Hunting? Janitor

what scene in Percepolis, has the background music "Eye of the Tiger"? MarJane's Renewal

who is the third member of the heroic trio, (dung fong soam hap) of michelle yeoh, maggie cheung? Anita Mui

What is the movie cinderella movie about? 1930's Boxer

what US state do storm chasing scientists cross in the 1996, Helen Hunt film, Twister? Oklahoma (Bottom-middle, above texas)

Where does the movies leatherheads.....bulldogs...take place? Duluth, Minnesota (top mid-near great lakes)

Ninja Kaspyr 83
12-03-2009, 11:09 PM
what did nicole kidman do with the false nose she worn to film "The Hours"? she wore it to avoid paparazzi

where is bill murray's washed up character, shooting a tv commercial in "Lost in translation"? Japan (far right)

where was sean connery character, ramirez, from in the 1986 film highlander? Egypt (second dot in africa to the right, near saudi arabia)

who is major ram prasad sharma (played by shahrukh khan) looking for in Main Hoon Na? his younger brother

which of these classic sci-fi films was remade in 2001 by tim burton? Planet of the Apes

what stolen item Impels the plot of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon? Green Destiny Sword

Ninja Kaspyr 83
12-03-2009, 11:11 PM
what film does the line, "Gentleman, You cant Fight in here! This is the War Room!"? Dr. Strangelove

what sport is the major plot and background element in the Big Lebowski? Bowling

Suprak the Second
12-08-2009, 08:35 PM
Hey guys, I actually completed a similar guide here:


I also used the movie pack, but separated it out into categories. Can anybody take a look and see if I missed any that you guys have? I played through CTB like 25 times on movie only, so I think I got them all, but who knows...

lxl Jeff lxl
12-24-2009, 11:39 AM
ORANGE:who are fighting in hero in the yellow forest? moon and fighting snow

Yellow: What scenes from tie the story of Syriana together? OIL

Ninja Kaspyr 83
12-24-2009, 08:09 PM
Guides like this should never be posted,it takes more time looking at the guide, than it would be to google the answer, if you havent got the heart to try and make a guide DONT!, I havent thats why i dont make guides, but i do have the right to my opinion and mine is dont waste my precious gaming time with useless guides like this.


well i guess the saying is true opinions are like assholes...everyone has one...(hint hint)

and so do i!

i am one of those people who make these "pointless, time-wasting guides" and my opinion is, if its too much for you to handle and its too much for your precious lil brain to comprehend and read, then dont even bother signing up for a website like this....really!

you know how long it takes to make guides? no cuz youd rather bytch about what apparent "non-help" other people do for people like you...and its a shame that our help does go to someone like you....call yourself a gamer!?!? HA! a true gamer would have thanked all the people in this forum for the time and effort that was put into doin this "guide"

which its not really a guide...if you would have taken the extra time you supposedly were wasting to look at the forum subject it just says TP:Movie Pack Answers (no where in that sub does it say guide, let alone perfect completed guide.)

so with that said (that being MY OPINION) i suggest you take your lil spoiled brat comments and take them to a website that is made for that...you know like facebook or twatter (twitter)

other then that unless you have questions with the answers....id keep your useless mouth shut....and pointelss comments to yourself...and i think i speak for everyone when i say...SHUT UP...ITS ONLY A GAME!:uzi:

12-26-2009, 08:53 PM
Guides like this should never be posted,it takes more time looking at the guide, than it would be to google the answer, if you havent got the heart to try and make a guide DONT!, I havent thats why i dont make guides, but i do have the right to my opinion and mine is dont waste my precious gaming time with useless guides like this.

You could also open this in a tab and press Ctrl + F and search for a key word on the page. It's a little easier than what you suggested, thanks for the guide everyone.

12-26-2009, 11:59 PM
What is the name of the “medical” company that forms an important plot point in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? Lacuna, Inc.

What historic Chinese figure does the amateur theater troupe perform shows about in the beginning of Platform (Zhantai)? Mao Zedong

Who plays the police officer who solves the case in Fargo? Frances McDormand

What is the name of the island on which Kong Kong is found in both the 2005 and 1933 versions? Skull Island

What is the first rule of fight club? Do not talk about it

What is the name of the title character in Artificial Intelligence: AI? David

Where does the family emigrate to in order to farm in the autobiographical film Nowhere in Africa? Kenya, Farthest Right Dot

Who says the line “Now everybody remember where we parked” in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home? Kirk

Which of these classic sci-fi films was remade in 2001 by Tim Burton? Planet of the Apes

What scientific venture wiped out the savings of Chris Gardner in The Pursuit of Happyness? Bone Density Scanner

Where in Africa does the action of The Constant Gardner, based on a le Carre novel, occur? Kenya, 2nd Farthest Right Dot

What is the plot of Chak De India about? Women’s Field Hockey

What employment does Krishna get in order to pay for the damaged motorbike in Salaam Bombay!? Circus

What film has the famous Cary Grant line, “Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops”? Arsenic and Old Lace

Where is the character Maximus condemned to be a gladiator in the film of the same name? Rome, Far Right Dot

What city do Shrek and Fiona visit in Shrek 2? Far Far Away

Who played Private Ryan in Saving Private Ryan? Matt Damon

What real life exploits of Frank Abagnale Jr. are the basis for the film Catch Me If You Can? Extensive Fraud

What film does the line “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse”? The Godfather

What city is Marjane sent away to for school in Persepolis? Vienna

Who is the main character in Deepa Mehta’s Water? A Child Widow

Who says “If someone asks if you’re a god, you say “Yes!”? Winston

What movie had the line “Houston we have a problem”? Apollo 13

Kamakazi Pear
01-03-2010, 02:33 PM
I tried using this guide to get the answers, but none of my questions were on here, so I will add a few whilst I play.

In The Usual Suspects, where does the first victim die? On A Boat
Which Italian city is the setting for Don't Look Now? Venice
In what city did The Commitments, the self styled "World's Hardest Working Band" strut their stuff? Dublin
In which country was the 2005 film Land of the Dead primarily shot? Canada
Pride and Glory featured police officers from which city? New York
At which theatre did the 2008 Soul Men agree to a reunion performance? Apollo
Begbie, Sick-Boy and Spud all lived in which city in Trainspotting? Edinburgh
In the 2002 film, Daniel Day-Lewis played brutal Irish mob boss Bill the Butcher in gangs of where? New York (top right)
In which country was Ingmar Bergman's film Franny and Alexander produced? Sweden
Complete the title of the 1950s film about a fictional prehistoric sea monster: The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.
In Troy where does Paris first hit Achilles with his arrow? Heel

Science and Nature
In the series Dexter, Dexter works as a blood spatter analyst (or something) in which city? Miami (bottom right, on the weiner of America)
In the film Over The Hedge, what creature was Hammy? Squirrel
What was the 2005 film Marche de l'emporeur about? Penguins
What type of animal was Lassie? Dog
Where did Leonardo DiCaprio attempt to find paradise in The Beach? Thailand (top right, 3rd from the left)
The Eden Project in which county was a filming location for the James Bond film Die Another Day? Cornwall (bottom left)
Which Will Smith film deals with a robot (or something lol). : I, Robot
Who provided the voice of the bird Zazu in The Lion King? Rowan Atkinson

Sport and Leisure
Where was Nicolas Cage's Ben Sanderson Leaving in 1995? Las Vegas (top left)
About which sport was the 2007 film Blades of Glory? Ice Skating
What was the name of the England football manager played by Ricky Tomlinson in a 2001 film? Mike Bassett
In which sport did Forrest Gump play against star players from China? Table Tennis
In which of these sports/pass times did Forrest Gump not participate? Tennis
Which series had its 6th film in the series made in 2006, 16 years after the first? Rocky
Stephen Crow played Sing in a 2005 film that shared its name with which sport? Kung Fu
In the film Grease, which of these sports did Danny not try? American Football
Which of these is a 2008 film about card counting in Las Vegas? 21

Art and Literature
Who wrote the classic horror novel The Stepford Wives? Ira Levin
Who wrote the children's novel The Golden Compass (or something like that)? Philip Pullman
Which English Premier League team did Colin Firth support in Fever Pitch? Arsenal
In Baz Luhrmann's 2001 musical film, which French painter inhabited the decadent world of Moulin Rouge? Toulouse Lautrec
Where is a fictional town called Quahog in the animated TV series Family Guy? Rhode Island (top right)
Which author created a fictional spy named Jason Bourne? Robert Ludlum
What is the name of Tintins dog? Snowy
Who wrote the novel Atonement, which was made into a major studio production in 2007? Ian McEwen
In which country was The Haunting of Molly Hartley set? USA (far left)

When did the classic Sitcom The Simpsons first air on TV? 1987
Which wartime classic coined the phrase: "Round up the usual suspects." : Casablanca
Where did a Kung-Fu obsessed teen rescue an Imprisoned Money King in 2008's The Forbidden Kingdom? China
Winner of the 1998 Best Actor Oscar, Life is Beautiful filmmaker Roberto Benigni hails from which country? Italy, bottom centre (3rd from left)
Which was the first film to gross over $1 billion worldwide? Titanic
When was the first Alien film released? 1979
Where did Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson search for Spanish treasure in Fool's Gold? The Bahamas (far left)
Where was the world's oldest stock certificate kept in Ocean's Twelve? Amsterdam (top right)
Who was the legendary Greek warrior played by Brad Pitt in Troy? Achilles

In Iron Man, how much did the Mark 1 costume weigh? 90 Pounds
Where did the Dukes live in the 2005 film Dukes of Hazzard? Georgia (far right)
Which James Bond actor played the young, smart Mr. X in Layer Cake? Daniel Craig
Complet the title of this film: Brokeback Mountain

Hope this helps a little bit. Good luck everyone.

01-06-2010, 07:03 PM
will keep on adding answers to Q's i can't find here...

Profession of main character, Cast Away - A FedEx employee
Academy awards, English Patient - 9
Divine Intervention contreversy, Academy Awards - Refused as foreign nomination
What kind of dog, Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Welsh Corgi
What was used as the base of the mask, Halloween - A Captain Kirk mask
How many mile, Eminem - 8
How many years, Stardust - 9

01-10-2010, 01:13 AM
Here's a few more new questions:

Where was the sci-fi film Deja Vu set and filmed? Bottom Left Dot

What unusual warning label does director Takashi Miike's Dead of Alive: Hanzaisha yakuza film sport? For Clowns

What does the Chinese title of House of Flying Daggers literally translate as? Attack From 10 Directions

Which of these films about dreams is animated? Paprika

Who is the villain in the 2005 Fantastic Four movie? Dr. Victor Von Doom

What Bollywood movie was remade three times? Devdas

Where must the characters in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert travel to put on their show? Alice Springs (Middle Dot)

In the film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, who said: "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way?" Jessica Rabbit

What famous historical person appears in the moving portraits in Harry Potter
and the Sorcerer’s Stone? Anne Boleyn

Also I think this page really helped: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox360/file/955051/58445

04-26-2010, 06:39 AM
Guides like this should never be posted,it takes more time looking at the guide, than it would be to google the answer, if you havent got the heart to try and make a guide DONT!, I havent thats why i dont make guides, but i do have the right to my opinion and mine is dont waste my precious gaming time with useless guides like this.

Have to disagree although I didn't really use it til my last 2 achieves w/ ctrl f it was easy to use would have been better if all the answers were on one page though

05-30-2010, 02:51 AM

PS3.org (sister site from here) has a complete list for all of these answers. All on one page. Just had the page up, CTRL+F when the question came up, never had to do the battery removal trick once.

06-25-2010, 10:09 PM
Not ONE question that I've been asked in the movie pack is in this thread. Or the one on PS3 trophies.

08-05-2010, 05:42 PM
who plays the wolf in pulp fiction? Harvey Keitel

10-09-2010, 01:21 AM
A few more questions to add:

(Blue) City where child sees a murder in Witness: Philadelphia (middle right)
(Blue) Film taken to International Space Station: Serenity
(Blue) First scene in Dog Day Afternoon takes place in: Bank
(Blue) High School Musical 3, filmed in: Utah
(Blue) House of Flying Daggers literal translation: Attack From 10 Direction
(Blue) In Fellowship of the Ring, where does Frodo first meet Aragorn: Prancing Pony
(Blue) In Red Eye, Rachel McAdam is on a flight bound for where: Miami
(Blue) In the 2008 file Role Models, Matt Walsh played Davith of where: Glencracken
(Blue) Its a Wonderful Life, set in: Bedford Falls
(Blue) Setting for Not Without My Daughter: Iran (2nd from Right)
(Blue) Single currency unit, Sivaj: Rupee
(Blue) The name of Jack Skellington's hometown in Nightmare Before Christmas: Halloween Town
(Blue) Where did the explorers enter the volcano in Journey to the Centre of the Earth: Iceland
(Blue) Where does Sylvester Stallone runa restaurant in Rocky Balboa: Philadelphia, middle right
(Blue) Where was the home of Chloe the Chihuahua in the 2008 filem: Beverley Hills
(Green) Central plot element, The Lives of Others, Das Leben der Anderen: surveillance
(Green) Lead actor in Crocodile Dundee: Paul Hogan
(Green) Setting for Deja Vu: New Orleans (leftmost)
(Green) Sid in Ice Age: Sloth
(Green) What must never be done in Ghostbusters: Cross the Proton Streams
(Green) Which file paid $200,000 for carbon costs: The Day After Tomorrow
(History) Last King of Scotland: Uganda (middle rightmost)
(Orange) Brad Pitt's character in Seven Years in Tibet: Austria (2nd from bottom)
(Orange) David Zucker directed 1998 movie about 2 sports: BASEketball
(Orange) Fight in yellow forest, Hero: Flying Snow & Moon
(Orange) Kicking and scream, about a 10 year-old's performance in: football
(Orange) Leslie Cheung in Chinese Ghost Story: Tax Collector
(Orange) Where is Maximus condemned to be a gladiator: Rome
(Pink) Ian McKewan's book stars Keira Knightly and James McAvoy: Atonement
(Pink) James Bond film featuring k.d. Lang's Surrender over the credits: Tomorrow Never Dies
(Pink) Joe Simpson sings Boney M song "Brown Girl" over and over again in: Touching the Void
(Pink) Main character role, Water by Deepa Mehta: Child Widow
(Pink) Pirates of the Carribean, Bill Nighy plays: Davy Jones
(Pink) Qiu Ju in The Story of Qiu Ju: Seek Justice from Bureaucrats
(Pink) Wallace & Gromit, voice of Wallace (also in Last of the Summer Wine): Peter Sallis
(Pink) What actor plays a woman in Hairspray: John Travolta
(Pink) Which is true about Dare Mo Shiranai: based on a true story
(Pink) Which Tom Hanks movie had Hound Dog and Respect in the soundtrack: Forrest Gump
(Pink) Who is the Lone Wolf in the Lone Wolf And Cub films: Ogami Itto
(Purple) Author of Aubrey-Maturin novels, basis for Master and Commander: Patrick O'Brian
(Purple) Finding Neverland, actor who played in J M Barre's work before: Dustin Hoffman
(Purple) Fully armed and operational death star: The Emperor
(Purple) Harold Crick, Stranger Than Fiction: find his author
(Purple) Quote "Are you gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?": Reservoir Dogs
(Purple) Where did Augustus Gloop come from: Germany, top middle
(Purple) Which Team does Colin Firth support in Fever Pitch: Arsenal
(Purple) Who wrote the novel Breakfast at Tiffany's: Truman Capote
(Yellow) Background setting for The Seventh Seal: Black Plague in Europe
(Yellow) Capote opening date: Truman Capote's birthday
(Yellow) Flightplan and Hitchcock film: The Lady Vanishes
(Yellow) The Incredibles, Edna. E Mode: Famous Costumer Designer
(Yellow) When did John Travolta attend Rydell High in Grease: 1950s
(Yellow) Who directed Gandhi (1982): Richard Attenborough
(Yellow) Who was the first actress to break the $20 million salary barrier: Julia Roberts

Unknown Categories:
Cary Grant quote "Insanity runs in my family, it practically gallops": Arsenic and Old Lace
Ransom note, 4th Die Hard film: Video Montage of Presidents

01-03-2011, 01:50 AM
I've encouted just a few not listed here so thanks for all the help. I think the devs need to have a Geography lesson to where St. Louis is...

I had a map question regarding "Meet me in St. Louis" and the point that is correct is much farther south (Bottom Right) where MO is a bit farther north. Dammit ruined my perfect run.

The Human EMP
07-20-2011, 09:01 PM
Where does the title Black Snake Moan come from?
A: Blind Lemon Jefferson song

What state does What's Eating Gilbert Grape? take place?
A: Iowa (middle-left dot)

What was the original language for Pan's Labyrinth?
A: Spanish

11-29-2011, 07:48 AM
Not ONE question that I've been asked in the movie pack is in this thread. Or the one on PS3 trophies.
Same here... Could it be region-dependent? I have the UK-version of this game... but I should think the movie-pack isn't region-dependent?

Anyways, gonna try again tonight... Only need the objectives for the CTB-game... Could be done in one (long) setting with google as my friend, but to bad the questions I got last night weren't here...

Never mind, I choose the American flag this time the game started and got the right questions!

05-26-2012, 06:22 PM
one of the questions is "where did Edward Norton's Bruce Banner work in a bottling plant?" - Mexico

The actual answer is Brazil, fk tards... it was my penultimate question to get all x10 peeved isn't the word

Chada Darkmane
09-23-2012, 11:43 AM
Hey guys, I actually completed a similar guide here:


I also used the movie pack, but separated it out into categories. Can anybody take a look and see if I missed any that you guys have? I played through CTB like 25 times on movie only, so I think I got them all, but who knows...

This guide is basically fucking useless. It has almost no questions on it that are in the game.

03-29-2013, 08:06 AM
here is a link to every single answer

Violent Jmann
11-18-2013, 01:39 AM
great guide would be good if you could pause on a question