View Full Version : drumset/foot pedal plug in

03-20-2009, 02:30 AM
i have a questions bout my foot pedal from my drum set, i still have a rock band 1 drum set and a rock band 1 foot pedal but i cant send it in because ive made my foot pedal pretty much all metal, but theres a problem with the wire of the foot pedal or where it plugs into on my drum set, when i plug it in and push it down it doesnt pick up that i hit it, but when im pluggin it into the foot pedal plug in when its half way in it registers a hit and when i pull it out it registers a hit, what could be the problem the wire or the foot pedal plug in?(sorry if this is really confusing)

03-25-2009, 01:13 PM
It sounds like there's a short in the connection jack. I can't tell if it's in the male end (the wire coming from the pedal) or the female end (in the drumset) but if you disassemble the jacks my guess is that you'll find a freyed wire that needs to be re-soldered.