View Full Version : 15 Hit Combo Help

03-27-2009, 06:03 PM
Okay just got this game, finished all of the Tokyo missions but I cant get this achievement. It's really annoying me, I upgraded early and I can't degrade so when I hit those big Phantoms they die when I reach 14 Hits. And what is up with the combo system anyway? It seems that I can only hit one person at a time for the combo to work :mad: Is there a level somewhere in the game that can get you loads of hit combo ratings, like to the badies get harder?

EDIT: Nevermind I got it but just a tip for anyone else that haves trouble. It's easy jut play the first mission on level 2 and just do that new web shot move on those new green enemies and youl get like a 25 hit combo easily, then just wait for the level to end and you will get the achievement when you return back to the 'Helicarrier'

03-21-2010, 11:01 PM
Just a heads up.

Activate Invincibility (press right on D-pad) when you fight a GIANT PHANTOM. Keep hitting him until your combo reaches 15 or up.